Friday, February 3, 2017

Yeah, Baby....He's Still Got It!

Today's prompt for the 6 word story is cozy as in "My quilts make for cozy bedfellows."

I took a look at Jimmy Smits Wikipedia page.  He is only one year younger than me and his hair is still all there (so is mine) and it had no grey (well, neither does mine, if you get my drift.)

As of yesterday anyway.  And, I discovered my hairdresser has a weird sense of humor.

I was there with Paula, it was her birthday, and we were getting our "hairs" done.  I  have straight, thin shoulder length hair.  I mean straight.  My mother spent my childhood putting those Toni Perms in my hair, which would be straight by the next day.  And I would be punished for doing whatever it was that made my hair straight.  In later years, I would discover that it actually has an ever so slight wave to it, just enough to make it turn out rather than in when it hits my shoulder.

So my dear hairdresser gets her curling iron out and gives me ringlet curls!  And whatever she put in it, they stayed all day!  Not that it was attractive, mind you.  I am so not used to having curls!  I kept running my fingers through it to straighten it out, and they kept bouncing back! LOL.

But I digress.

I think I want to see about getting some barstools and maybe some dressers for the bedroom.  We are currently stacking our meager amount of clothes on the shoe shelves (since we don't have but three pairs of shoes each).  And the robes Carrie gave us for Christmas came in handy after I realized I put the only pair of pajamas in the washer just before my shower last night.

Oh and I still have a lingerie chest in the form of one of the few tote bags that survived the flood!

So about lunchtime, I hugged my painters goodbye, picked up all the paint containers and put them on the carport.  Once Scarlett and Miguel loaded up the truck with all their stuff, Scarlett ran back to hug me once more with tears in her eyes!

I cannot imagine she does that will all her customers!  But I did supply them with a lot of agua fresco and White Chili and Italian Sausage Soup.  And brownies!  Those Sneaky Spices were amazingly wonderful - it felt so good to cook again.  And Pizza, I often ordered pizza for whoever was working on any given day.

So they are gone.  

I vacuumed the debris that had collected under all that pile of wood and the long arm table and mopped the space twice.  We are still getting up the dust from the drywall.  Seems like that will forever haunt me.

But before you get all hot and bothered about the long arm being in its appropriate space........

I actually got it stuck in the foyer.  I can't get it to turn into the dining room.  Not sure what to do next, I just left it there until I can find a more muscled partner. 

I wonder where Jimmy Smits is about now..........


  1. Paging Jimmy Smits! I think he is eye candy, but a man that would help a woman move her long arm quilter - I think not. Paging Frank - I think that's the ticket.

    Crackling fire, hot chocolate, cozy time.

  2. I'm not sure a man has to be eye candy. As in "Long-arm mover makes for cozy bedfellow."
    Okay so honestly, I had to work to keep that down to six words, but there may a bit of truth to make up for any mechanical errors.

    Why is it that hairdressers have a thing for making a customer's hair perfect, knowing full well said customer will never be able to replicate the "do"? I had a few Toni Perms myself. No, the perms did not help this thin, straight, flat hair. Eventually the adults gave up and quit wasting money: my scalp was ever so relieved.

  3. I saw Jimmy Smits on Rachael Ray yesterday! Thought of you immediately! Yes, he is a hunk. And my grandmother had a friend who was a hairdresser. She permed and teased my hair to within an inch of my life. And my mother jerked and brushed and cursed that it looked nice and wouldn't let me do any of the fun stuff our friend did. It was a constant struggle, I finally gave up and just wore it straight.


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