Saturday, March 11, 2017

Quilts From Charlene's - Part 2

I have three more after these but the rain started and I didn't want to be drying quilts again.

This was a block I had chosen as my Birthday Block when the CyberGuild was in full swing.  It is called the Friendship Star. Several of the makers have passed on to the Happy Quilting Machine in the Sky so I value this quilt a lot.

This one is weird.  Frank fell in love with the Transportation Panel at a quilt show.  I made the bad decision to do a quilt as you go block.  It didn't go well.  There were some seams still not sewn on the back, and Charlene kindly finished them up for me while it lived with her.  It looks much better now.

One day, I need to learn how to do a QAYG.


This is the back, TRAINS!

I really love this quilt too.  2 1/2 inch strips that include my mothers shirts, Frank's shirts,  my shirts and Carrie's shirts.  The orange is one from the Purple Cow.  They are mostly plaids or chambray solids.  

And I had one strip left over!

Ah.  The Forest of Frozen Sorrows.  I took a class on a new technique to sew a maple leaf.  Umm.  It wasn't that new, OK.  I was going to take the pieces to the Retreat and finish it up.  But pipes froze in the retreat building during a freeze the week before Retreat Weekend and it was cancelled. 

It is one of Frank's favorites.

This is fabric from Stephanie Brandenburg at Fern Hill Fabrics.  The blocks are beautiful free form painted flowers that you literally cut up and sew black around it.  Boy was that tough to do! 

It was also one of the most expensive fabric lines I have ever bought!  But it is so beautiful.  And it is a large quilt!  Big and heavy.

Tomorrow I will post the final three quilts. 

And photos from more stuff we did to the quilt room.


  1. Cant wait! The one strip down the back makes me think of a tie.

  2. So much joy returning to your home.!

  3. What a great group of quilts! Some of those I have never seen. Glad they were saved from the flood!


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