Monday, March 6, 2017

The Most Amazing Thing About This "New" House

Note:  there is supposed to be a video.  I have to check on it when I get home.

Make no mind, I LOVED my old stuff.  And didn't want to change it up much  at all.

The sofa needed to be restuffed, but it was perfectly fine.  That is why we spent a lot of money with Laz-Boy for a good sofa that could be re enhanced rather than trashed.

And the cabinets in my room needed to be re-stained.  But certainly not totally replaced.

I have a whole new set of flatware.  New spoons, knives and forks.  Clean eating. The old ones were fine but the handles had a pattern with deep grooves.  The warnings were that the silt needed to be scrubbed out of those grooves carefully.  So I dumped them for a cleaner line.  

The dishwasher was only 4 years old.  We renovated the kitchen several years ago and put in stainless steel appliances.  We now have a new, new dishwasher that has a thick insulation blanket.  You can barely hear the motor running!

But the best thing about the new house is the spoons in the dishwasher.  They wave at me.

You would love them too, just look!


  1. How fun. Glad you are back in your home.

  2. You're starting to sound more like the pre-flood Glen. Say hi back to your spoons with a wave from me.

  3. I can testify that the spoons are fun.


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