Sunday, March 5, 2017

Weeds and Dyes, Max and Bassett Dressers

Ronnie, half of the infamous Twins, texted me today to say they would be here in the morning to measure for material.

I have an appointment with an allergy/asthma specialist in the  morning so I guess they will be working on their own for a while.

I wasn't going to impede progress in any way!

The weed is progressing as well.  Multiple flower heads.   I bet it is over 2 feet tall.  I wish I had my good camera.  I so miss it for opportunities like this!

On Thursday, my wonderful beautiful friend Charlene brought some of my fabrics and quilts home.  She stayed for the Guild meeting.   She brought her own bed, a blow-up one, and stayed for the night.  I was so overwhelmed by seeing the quilts again.   I will have to do a quilt show for you.

Right now I am washing them once more.  Some several times.  I found a product called.....uh, I have to go check out the name for you.  But it removes fugitive dye.  It worked wonders on several quilts that had a some warmer color runs.  The cooler colors took more washes and didn't always come out.

I tossed in 4 color catchers with each wash.  As they came out of the wash in array of colors, I thought it would be a good art piece for the "Flood" series.  I guess, stay tuned!

I took some dinners to Carrie's house to make it easier for her to have meals and not eat fast food all the time.  I dug through the artwork she is housing for us, and I found another of of my dog portraits.

This is Max, my shadow.  He never left my side, that boy.  He was found in 1978, in the woods around Tickfaw, LA; still alive among his dead littermates, the only survivor.  His eyes weren't even open yet, poor baby.

And when they opened, they imprinted solidly upon me.  That dog loved me with all his heart and soul.  He was with me for 16 years.  He was truly an amazing dog. 

And, on Saturday, while we were hosting friends for lunch, my two Bassett chests for the bedroom were delivered.  Ohhhh-weee!  I have drawers!  Six of them!

Right now, only one drawer is filled.  Frank, however, found an entire box of socks in a box in Carrie's garage.  He won't need to buy socks for the rest of his life. 


  1. Sorry about the colors bleeding on your quilts, but they are still around and you have a wonderful friend who cared for them and then brought them to you and even slept on an air mattress on the floor to share your excitement.

  2. It was my pleasure to care for the quilts. The bed was super comfortable. I only wish the visit could have been Longer! Since I have more quilts, there will be a next time. Stay safe!

  3. It has to be a happy moment when items come back to you like long lost friends. The dresser is beautiful! I had to laugh when I saw the socks. When we were cleaning out my Dad's dresser after he died we found a ridiculous amount of socks including some still in the packaging. I think he could have not washed socks for 6 months while wearing a new pair every day! I think he must have bought socks every time he went to Sam's Club.


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