Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Yogurt in the Instant Pot

i have made yogurt for quite a while now.  Well, a while BEFORE the flood anyway.

My current Cuisinart Yogurt Maker with the chilling down function if you can't get to it right away is currently waiting for Cuisinart to decide to send me another plastic insert in which to make the yogurt.  One day it will happen.

So,I decided to try the instant pot since clearly it stated on a bottom button That I could push it and get yogurt somehow.  So here goes.  I poured in the milk, followed the instructions, and in 8 hours had the creamiest yogurt.  Just from milk and two tablespoons of cultured youpgurt!

And I had like 7 cups of the stuff.  I am bringing some over to Carrie tomorrow.  She had been asking me if I was ever going to make yogurt again.  I guess she wants some.

Tomorrow I can have a quilt shoe of some of the quilts that have come home to me.

How about that?  Want to?  Oh, wait, a quilt SHOW not a quilt SHOE......or like Ed Sullivan says... A Really big shoe.......remember him?

Do you want that?  Huh?  Do you?  Talk to momma, do you want it?


  1. I haven't made any yogurt in a long time. I made mine in 2 quart thermal containers. Your way sounds easier. Yes, a quilt show! Please!

  2. Where do you get the cultured "youpgurt" from? Sounds interesting!

  3. Yes, yes, momma, please. Pleeassse.
    Thanks for the yogurt (sort of) explanation, but really the quilt show...

  4. You can show me how on my next visit - I'll even bring my own pot and containers. Doctor said I had to get more calcium and milk makes me sick but yogurt and clobber doesn't, go figure. So home made yogurt would be perfect especially added to a spinach smoothie.


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