Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Little Bit of Heaven

 From inside looking out.

I was the first one in the new shower tonight!

And yes, I did shave yesterday.


This is funny.  Those squares were not visible before the glass steamed up.

When they brought the glass inside, it was covered with these 1 x 1 inch square pieces of cork.

This is the residual glue, I guess.
So now I need to clean the glass!

Note:  the previous post did not post for some reason, I had to push the button myself today to send it out.  So it may seem ike I was in a time warp! 

I really did wait the 24 hours........


  1. That was the world's fastest 24 hours.

  2. That residual tough glue but there's this stuff called "goo gone" or something like it that has orange oil in it that works well.
    So happy that you got to enjoy the shower--and first no less! Although that's a brave thing since you never know what might happen in the first use of a new thing. (hehe)

  3. That shower is huge! You could have a party in there!


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