Saturday, April 8, 2017

Quilt Event - Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Tomorrow we celebrate Frank's birthday with Carrie.  His actual birthday was celebrated with some friends on the cruise.  Giovanni sent him a  nice bottle of champagne. 

 This weekend was supposed to be dedicated to getting the quilt room put together so I could at least get in there and do something.  But nothing got done save for the purchase of another quart of paint for the desk top and the cutting table top. 

Unpacking a box this afternoon yielded a  surprise.  This double wedding ring template survived!

I spent a whole afternoon taking the pieces of fabric I had and wrapping them on the boards.  That way they are all uniform and will not only shelve well, but look better than just randomly folded.....or if you are like me, just stuffed  in there somewhere.

At the present it is organized by color.  The solids are on the second shelf and the patterns on the bottom.  I still have some from the Bridge Over Troubled Water event to fold on boards, and a few pieces from a purchase just a few days before the flood.

The BOTW was held while I was out of town, of course.  A group of quilters who did not flood, solicited and organized donations of supplies and fabric.   The quilters who did flood thereby losing their supplies and stash, got to choose things to take home.  There were over 70 machines donated.  I am sure the new ones went to "special" people.  And there was some raffles of high value items.

I won a set of project boxes that will be very useful.  Paula took myinvitation letter since I was out of town and shopped for me.  She got me about 20 yards of fabrics, several patterns and about 8 really cool fiber art books.  She scored some really great dog fabrics!

And she somehow managed to score me a Janome 415 machine to replace the two smaller machines I lost.  So that was nice.  I know nothing about it, but it looks to be in good shape without a lot of wear.

All my machines have the decals showing wear, but this one looks to be pretty new. 

Anyone familiar with a Janome 415?


  1. Not familiar with that model, but the Janome machines I have used have all been good, if not outstanding. I almost had my daughter buy one for my granddaughter, but got a sale on a different brand. No litany of complaints from anyone and I was impressed with the model I was looking at being called tension tolerant.

  2. Wow I'm glad she helped you out!

  3. Happy Birthday to Frank! What a nice event to have to help out fellow quilters. I can't wait to see your space and hear how it functions.

  4. Glen: I am sincerely happy you were able to receive some items from the Bridge Over Troubled Waters event. I want to clarify one point that you mentioned in your blog which is absolutely incorrect. There were no new machines, nor were there "special" people receiving them. As I stated in the letter which you and 145 other flooded quilters received, we asked that you call Renee Hoeprich and let her know what type of machine you lost so that we could match your loss with what we had received. There were no pre event "special" give aways. In fact, the two machines which we deemed to be GREAT machines were the two Berninas which were given away the day of the event in a drawing which everyone was able to drop a ticket in a bucket to be eligible to win!

    As we are the folks who organized this event, Renee and I worked tirelessly since September and what we expect from people receiving items from this endeavor is respect and not to have the reputation sullied by a comment such as what was written. I can assure you, all the volunteers associated with the event know that everyone was treated with equal respect and no quilters had preferential treatment.

    I felt I needed to clarify that misunderstanding.

    Jo Paula Lantier


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