Friday, April 28, 2017

The Kid Goes Home

I spent the night in the hospital with Carrie and the baby. Ohhhh, she wanted her momma there!  Yes!

So I got very little sleep.  With nurses, lactation specialists, some kid crying and some baby-holding it was pretty busy.  And you know I don't sleep all that much anyway, it was like the perfect night.

He is so funny.  When he gets mad about something, he turns bright red,  Just like a little, loud lobster!  I might just have to nickname him Red!

Like most people, they are struggling with learning signals and mechanics of nursing and diaper changing.  But they will get the hang of it quickly.

Right after Frank and I left they had the exploding diaperless poop and cascading pee episode.  So things should be heading up from here!

All the tests are coming in healthy and they headed home around 3 pm today.

I came home, called a friend and said we could go eat tonight as long as no one cried through dinner!


  1. And your heart is full to overflowing? The last picture looks like it should be interrupted in a quilt! Beautiful little family :)


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