Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Prizefighter McGee And a Retreat

 It poured yesterday.  For hours.  That always makes me nervous now.  Not the lightening, nor the thunder.  Or even a storm or a shower.  It is the prolonged rains that make me nervous and edgy.  We were in no danger of flooding, and I know  that.  But I felt it, none-the-less.

McGee had a cyst on his eyelid so when I took Chloe in for her stitch removal, he went as well.  It ended up with him getting scheduled for teeth cleaning and cyst removal.  When you are under, you might as well get all your beauty work done at once!

He was still groggy when I picked him up last night.  Poor guy, he looked like a prize fighter who had been in the bout of his life.  

He is much better this morning, eating breakfast and walking around the yard.  Yesterday he wouldn't even stand up!

I bought a walking foot for the Janome.  It fits the shaft, which is larger than anything I already own, by a slight tiny bit!  

Now I can get those baby quilts quilted.

I couldn't sleep last night even with my ambien, so I cut up the pair of jean capris that I had previously  stamped with the bleach.  I have never had a seam ripper break like that.  I just took it out of the package.  I have a seam ripper that is at least 20 years old and it is still going, but this new one, Kaput!

I have a retreat this weekend at the Quilt Haus with some friends.  Generally I get a lot done at retreats.  So I need to get a few things ready to sew on while I am there.  Pulling out some UFOs is a good way to not add to the UFO pile by starting more, and getting some things cleared out of the way.
Some things I have never found again.  Like the Bunnies I was making for Carrie's Baby. 

That was before the flood, in fact it was on my design wall the day the flood happened.

There are some things I want to start though.  We shall see!


  1. You know there will always be things you will never see again. It's a fact of life after the floods. Some things, no matter how cute, just need to RIP. Yep can sympathize with the prize fighter, makes a good story anyway. And yes, I too wander the house when it rains and rains. It's bred in the bones.

  2. Understand that nervousness from prolonged rains . . . glad McGee is healing and back on his feet. Enjoy the retreat!

  3. It is amazing how fast dogs bounce back! McGee looks like he has gone a few rounds! I buy that same seam ripper and they a pretty good so I am surprised yours broke. Bummer! Have a good time at your retreat! Hope you get lots done!


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