Tuesday, June 13, 2017

100 Meter Swim is Complete

.......to the top stage anyway.

But it looks great.  I really think it is my favorite quilt of all times.  here it is in the final top stage.


Someone asked who it was going to.......can we all say MINE?

But then I guess, we all have a price!

We are going to visit some friends in North Carolina in a couple o weeks.  I want to bring them a quilt since they recently got married.  (No, not the Swimming Pool.)  One would think that I could choose one that I already have finished.  But no.  And one would think I could choose one that I already have made to a top stage as a UFO.  But no.

I have this idea to make a Delectable Mountains Quilt since they live in the mountains.  Or a truck quilt, since he is a truck driver.  with a police car, of course!  Wouldn't  that be totally rad?

So what do you think?  Do you have a pattern for a truck, maybe?

Oops, gotta get a baby shot in there!  Hugeaux seems to be OK with the new baby.  He is not 100% on board, and he really pays him no attention at all.  But he does what they tell him because he is a good dog!


  1. Beautiful baby picture. Hugeaux is kinda cute too.

  2. Wonderful photo of a boy and his dog. And I am so glad you are keeping the Swimming Pool quit - it is excellent!

  3. You are as bad as I am putting that kind of pressure on yourself to get a quilt done in a couple of weeks. We could go to the doctor together to get our heads examined! The 100 meter quilt top turned out so very cool! I can understand why it's a keeper!

    Did Andrew take a baby blanket that the Sawyer touched and bring home from the hospital for the dog to smell before Sawyer came home?

  4. I REALLY, REALLY like your 'swimming pool' quilt!!! Very cool!!! Wish I had a truck pattern for you but I'm sure you will find something...but finish in a few weeks!! You are my hero! HA

  5. The swimming pool quilt is awesome! Modern, graphic, abstract and just downright cool!

  6. Love, really love, the swimming pool. Can't wait to see how it gets quilted!
    What a cute little grandie. Sawyer will be able to pull ears and ride and jump on Hugeaux and neither will ever cry. You should practice saying, "good boys."


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