Sunday, June 4, 2017

Dogs and I Are on TV

DiNozzo, Chloe, McGee and I were interviewed by WAFB last night and made the 10 PM news!

Banfield just donated a second mobile dog shelter to Louisiana.  It will house and transport 54 animals during a disaster.  The shelter can be moved around to where it is needed.

We were interviewed to offer a pet owner who had to evacuate, and didn't know what would happen to the dogs.

The reporter got so,e great shots of Chloe drinking water, DiNozzo and McGee in the yard, and the house under water.

Glen and the dogs on the news

Click on the link to see us in our 15 minutes of fame!


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  2. How cool. When did they shoot this piece? Cute shots of the pups. Did McGee eat anything??

  3. What a great piece.....the dogs were certainly the stars of this report ;-)

  4. Been away - how is Chloe? Thought of you, Chloe and Frank while I hiked.


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