Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hey, Fiber Art People

I have a question for you.

There is a show called Hidden Dreams coming up with an August submission date.  I have the idea to do my pieces on nightmares and water.  (Got a lot of experience with that one lately.)

When I washed those cut up capri jeans........I got upset because they curled rather than frayed like I desperately wanted them to do.

So I had to rethink the design ......  and I have it.  But now I have to figure out how to keep them curled while I manipulate them to assemble the piece.

So....... question.  Now that I like them again

What would you do to them to keep them intact? Click on the orange writing to read about them.

spray starch?
gel medium stuff? like golden  GAC something or other?
Mod Podge?
Elmer's Glue?

So it is a good thing I started this early, huh?

In other news...........I bought another rain gauge, mine floated away somewhere.  So far it has rained 1/2 inch on Tuesday and 1/4 inch on Wednesday.  Today it is clean and sunny and so is the rain gauge.

And JOY OF JOYS.........

Guess what came home yesterday?  The Husqvarna!

It has a weird (really weird) squeak.  When the shaft moves slowly, it squeaks.  I feel like I want to  slap some oil on it.  Is that a good thing to do?

 He had to cut my Tattoo open to get the back off, I guess.

It works well, except for that annoying squeak.......


  1. I'd call and ask the technician at the very least, but most likely it should go back.

  2. You sure are having your challenges! I have no idea about what to do with the curled capris or the squeak. I am pretty much useless! LOL!! I agree with the others that I would take the machine back and have them look at it again.


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