Sunday, July 16, 2017

Diamond Dog Progress

Check out the baby cardinals in the previous post, if you missed them.

 I worked out the dimensions of the odd pieces that filled in the edges.  I don't  measure in inches though.  I did it the easy way!

I took a background diamond, cut a piece just over half horizontally (and another vertically) and used that for the ones across the bottom (and down the sides).

The four corners were more of a challenge, they are directional.  But I got that figured out post haste.

Here are all the pieces just out on the design wall, pre-sewing.

And I am off and running!

First corner done.

I have one side done and I was beginning to get bored.  So I switched to the right bottom side and started working upwards.

This is exactly halfway done.  

Here is where I left it to go watch American Ninja Warriors.

The two middle rows are left to do.  Love those red centers.  It looks like it might just be square.  That left side is about 64 inches long. 

All the materials here came from the stash, still have not bought any fabric!  My goal is to be able to put all the fabrics into my quilt room.  Right now it is spread out into the long arm dining room too.  


  1. I thought I recognized the dogfabric!

  2. Diamond dog is looking good! You are so close to having it done. I am glad you had enough of the dog fabric.


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