Sunday, July 16, 2017

Baby Chicks and Diamond Dogs

I got the mountains quilt completely bound.  Now I need a label......forgot the label.

I worked on the Diamond Dogs quilt.  Got the background cut and will decide how to create the edges some time today.  I don't know how I want to make the edges look.  I have a limited amount of background dogs, so I actually can make the outside diamonds a different color, like a tan or a darker color more toward brown.

I made low carb, low fat, low sugar chia donuts.  They actually taste pretty good. 
These are frosted but they do have a nutmeg glaze that I didn't make because I thought they might stick together if I stored them.  And I would have to eat them all at one sitting, you know.

I also painted my window sill grey.  It was beige and I wanted it grey. In Louisiana, we will often call that a window seal.  Yep, we do.  I envision the orking, flipper slapping fish eating seal.  In a window of course.

Baby bonus!

We have new babies just outside my den window.  I mean Brand New Babies!

The daddy is a big red cardinal.  I see him coming and feeding, but I haven't seen the momma.  She must come when I am not watching.

Aren't they totally cute and awesome?


  1. Cute and awesome indeed. Recipe for the donuts?

  2. Congratulations on getting the mountain quilt done. Those baby birds are hungry!


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