Sunday, July 2, 2017

Mom, it was dead when I laid down on it...

do you remember that book, Officer, it was on fire when i laid down on it? By Robert Fulghrum.  His main point in that story is to be aware of your surroundings  Alert.  so you use them to your vantage.  The officer did ask the woman, why did you set fire to a mattress you were laying upon?  She replied, but Officer, it was burning when i laid down on it. 

Well, in our case this morning it was, why-do you have a dead squirrel in your mouth?

Uh it was just there,

Can you give ii to me?

Uh, no.  I found it and i want to keep it,

Can you trade for a treat?

Uh, no.  I love this squirrel with all my heart.

Will you trade for a piece of chicken?

Uh, no.  This squirrel will be with me forever and ever.

Will you look at that over there while i grab it from your mouth.?

Uh, no.  The stupid boys already tried to get it and i bit their faces off and never dropped my squirrel

Would you like this upgraded, smelly wonderfully delicious treat?

YES!  Oh tricked me and I dropped the damned squirrel.

Oh, yuck,..........I grapped the damned squirrel, Now what do i do with it?

And no, I didn't take any photos, too busy trying to trick a smart dog.  But I did  comfirm the squirrel was pretty dead and rank.

And later Andrew came and helped Frank put up the  sound bar for the living room TV. Now I can't hear the screams of the terrified squirrel as they climb the trees at lightening speed,  I am too busy listening to  The Sound of Music as we walk through the Alps with 37 kids gaining on us.


 Did you know there is a right side and a wrong side to that boning stuff you put into the thread catchers?  I do now!                                                              

 Hey, I admit my mistakes, I do.  And get rewarded with a squirrel!



  1. Cleo was just protecting you from that horrid beast! Ama and Lucy cornered a very big snake last night. Chris and Pape had to go help them. Pape used the shovel and then Ama and Lucy played "keep away" with the dead snake. Finally he got it and over the back fence it went! Ama wanted it back and almost went over the fence. My protectors!,

  2. Your day sounds very cool, but not as cool as mine or as smelly. I went kayaking and happened to be right where a school of more than 100 fish decided to take flight. I got hit in the face, the body, the legs and ended up with 4 fish in the boat so I am willing to bet I ended up smellier than you. with fish scales on my face and body.

  3. Ha! Ha! Been there many times . At least it was dead. Last week summer caught a mole and all I saw was the feet hanging out of her mouth. She ate
    it up before I could do anything. Ugh!
    Zu likes squirrels but prefers to find the ones that have been dead on tearing side of the road so they get good and smelly. The other day we were walking on leash and all of a sudden she has a squirrel tail in her mouth. She hung onto that thing for a half hour then finally ate it. Double ugh!


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