Friday, September 22, 2017

OMG! Did I Just Finish Something?

I need to inform you that as of this afternoon I have completed the quilting on the 100 Meter Swim quilt. I have also trimmed it, but have not yet applied the binding.  I think it needs grey and I need to cut that out first.

So the quilt frame is open and ready to have quilts thrust upon it.  I spent the afternoon thinking about which one to put on the frame.  I don't have  a cat like Artemis to help me decide, and no way I am asking McGee to help me!

I fear that Swooze is rubbing off on me.  I need to become more like Patty. (who, by the way, has a quilt for sale that you really need to see.)

In a small win, I found the Twisted Halloween quilt that had the binding sewn on just before the flood last year.  Paula graciously sewed the binding on for me while I was wasting away in grief and loss.  It just needed a half of one side to be finished.  So I finished that up tonight.

Gonna check that off as a finish!  Take everything I can get!  A win is a win is a win, right?

The pattern is from Ami Simms class I took in Lafayette with Charlene, oh, 4 years ago maybe.  I have used the templates from that class to make several baby quilts.  I love the bright green and orange colors and the backing was a special find.  Perfect. It is one of my best quilts.

Someone asked me not too long ago, how do I do those collage photos.  Simple, check out Pizap.  Although I am giving away all my secrets!  It does make me look like I know some stuff, huh?

I still have to finish the binding on one quilt from Debbie, the guild mate who passed away recently.  I finished one last night.  Frank is doing his sleep thing tonight so I might just be able to finish that up tonight.

 And I looked up my Blogaversity and discovered that I created the  first post on 10-20-07.  That will be 10 years!  I guess I need a giveaway of some sort, don't I?


  1. I really enjoyed that class too. First one first when you can't decide.

  2. Congratulations on the finish! Good job!

  3. The Halloween quilt is pretty awesome, I must say. And what's even more awesome is 10 years of blogging - wow!


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