Monday, November 13, 2017

OMG - One Monthly Goal Assessment

There were those naysayers who thought I projected too many OMG goals........maybe, but I do a lot of work when I get in the quilt room.

Well, it is half way though the month and I have two of the 4 goals done.

I will have to admit, I would not have done the Santa binding had it not been on the list.  I should have gone into the sewing room and put the binding on today, and didn't, so it still may not be a finish.

Let's say that I am hopeful. It is binding after all, right?

This is where I stand at half month:

1.  Completed the Navy Cadet quilt
2.  One Road - I put the backing on it but have not done any embroidery stitching on it
3.  Santa - binding needed
4.  I have quilted TWO quilts from the pile, and yep, they need binding now.....

Hey, maybe I should have binding day tomorrow!

We have our first Grandparents Day in the morning.   And Wednesday I have the Fiber Group and will show my two Japanese pieces.  I can't wait for that.  Usually on the Tuesday I am scrabbbling to do something to fit the challenge for the is half baked due to lack of time.


  1. Busy week! Save time for a visit from me next week.

  2. I think you are doing good on your list! I was one of the ones who thought your list was too big. Me I would only put one thing on the list to get done and then anything else was a bonus! LOL!!

  3. You go girl! You are becoming my newest idol!


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