Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Our First Grandparents Day and the Magic Block Mirror at Massdrop

PS  I made a mistake and put the wrong date on the Art Auction stuff, so click here to see it.

If you are looking for one of those mirrors you can use to see how a block will look if it is mirrored , you are in luck.  There is one offered at Massdrop today.  It is currently at $26.00 but will go down to $23 as more people commit.  I  have wanted one for a while, it is one thing I didn't have before the flood!

I buy on Massdrop frequently.  They have great prices and free shipping on a lot of quilting and sewing related items.  The last thing I bought was a bolt of Kona Fog Grey for $50 something dollars.

And don't worry, I don't get anything out of it if you buy, I am just excited to have this mirror set.

Come back later today and I will show you what I got at Habitat ReStore for the Art Auction.  You won't believe this haul!

Click here to see the offer at Massdrop:   Magic Mirror set 

This morning we went to the Grandparents Day at Sawyer's school.

And LOOK!  He made this for us.  So I guess now I need refrigerator magnets!  LOL.

Here is the boy with his Papa, ever the fist jammed into his mouth.  

There were games for all to play.  Fruit for us to spit across the room and diapers to dirty!

After an hour, 5 babies crashed and the party was over.


  1. So cute but this one really needs a frame! 1st is special and those feet will not be that small for long. There will be more refrigerator art, but only one like this. He's a cutie.


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