Friday, November 10, 2017

The Air Conditioner Grill As Art

When we replaced the air conditioning/heating units at the CAAWS shelter, I took possession of the grill that sits over the air intake.  It was rusty and old.

Right up my alley.

I was playing on the internet this morning and saw on Pinterest that someone had used tea and vinegar and had rusted some fabric.  I have used vinegar to rust stuff, and then painted it with tea.  The tea acts as a mordant and changes the rust color to grey.

So I experimented with the tea and the vinegar together rather than separately applied.

Ohhhhhh..........Dark!  The fabric was a heavier muslin called Economy Cloth.  It is used on the backing of  a lot of modern quilts.

The tea/vinegar did stain the Economy Cloth a golden color.

And my driveway a dark color.

When I took the grate off an hour later it looked like this.  I was thinking, oh my, what a hot mess!

Although I can think of some ways to handle dark.

You can see the tea mordant made it rust grey.  I am hoping that the next time I go to rust it that it will be ripe and ready for some golden goodness.

This is the fabric after I washed it out in the sink.  It is still wet so it will still change in appearance a bit.

I love the lines.


What do you see in that hot mess?

I am linking up with Nina Marie at Creations.  Check out what others are doing this week, you will love it!  She is talking abou Craft vs Art.


  1. Love the process. I can see a totally artistic quilt radiating from your busy brain....spiraling outward as you imagine the outcome.

  2. It looks like it would make a great background for appliquing a storm picture. So interesting.

  3. I can see a rainbow shining thru those storm clouds.

  4. The final piece is lovely, but I really liked it dark and moody.

  5. I would have never though to keep that A/C fan cover for making fabric. I like the look of the finished fabric. It looks like storm clouds to me.


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