Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Drew Brees' Knees

Last year Frank bought me that Laser Christmas Light Show.  Last year we were (unhappily) living in the camper, if you will recall.

Who knows where it went after Christmas was over.  I had even forgotten we had it.

Tonight Frank comes in with the laser light, but it is somehow violently detached from its stand and has no clicker to control the various displays.

So it is stuck on the green/red show, which is fine.  And he screwed the light to a stake and stuck it in the ground.

So this is what we look  like now.  One long string of lights, one laser light show and one backlit Swissy Christmas flag.

And I am happy.  We have Christmas lights at least.  I guess next year we will have to put up a tree for the grandbaby.

Tomorrow is the CAAWS Volunteer Appreciation Party so I will be consumed with duties and work. 

 I met my cousin Karen at Middendorf's (my favorite restaurant)  an hour away.  She lives in Destrehan and we meet in fried catfish heaven every month or two.

She is an acupuncture vet and has cats.  One of her cats is Drew Brees and the other is Deuce McAlister, both Saints players.  Drew is black with a red collar.  And golden eyes.

Here is Drew Brees the Cat Bird.

I don't know if the real Mr. Brees has problems with his legs, but true to my stable of birds, my Drew Brees had problems with his legs.  Can you spot the problem?

Lordy, lordy.

Saturday we are meeting with Frank's cousin.   THAT ought to be interesting......

And love birds are coming for the love starved Julie.


  1. You are so funny. Here's an easy fix. Get your rotary cutter and just slice off that bad part and then sew something else to it. Don't even bother with the seam ripper. Life's too short.

    (Millie is the cat)

  2. Another cute bird. I don't put up lights or a tree. I should put some lights on my evergreens that I planted along the property line. The blue spruce would look pretty with lights.

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