Sunday, December 10, 2017

Rayna Gillman Meets Sujata Shah Meets Patty the Quilt Lady

Let me give you a snow update first.  (oh lordy, I forgot to do a bird today......I will do two tomorrow, don't worry Lynne.)  We had snow hanging in until mid afternoon today.  As we drove to buy me some rain (or currently snow) boots, I snapped some of the SneauxMen still hanging around on street  corners.  This is the longest surviving snow I have ever


Even Frozen got into the fun!  I thought this was hysterical.  A couple days ago this Frozen guy was on green grass!  LOL

So here is my sewing chronicle. 

I did those green blocks as an exercise from Rayna Gillman's book.

 I started at this point yesterday.  That is actually white at the top, it just blends with the design wall. 

Then I decided it needed large areas of just open space.  That is mostly because the green I needed was only fat eighths.  Really.  I actually got a lot of squares out of those 6 fat eighths.  I had 4 greens plus black and white.  I added the green trellis because it played well color wise and read as a solid.

I decided that the piece needed to be larger.  It was like a baby quilt at this point.


LOL.....Ignore the diamond leftover from Diamond Dogs!

I have Sujata Shah's book on improv piecing and Patty the Quilt Lady's technique for making improv triangles.  Patty makes these long strings of triangles and Sujata pieces them one at a time.  I sort of combined the two.

And made Improv Triangles.  I tossed in some yellow, since I no longer had three greens. Yeah.

I made some.

then some more.

Then I moved them around.

You know, it is too busy now.  The integrity of the two unrelated sides is disturbed.

In the picture above you  look at one side, then the other.  Now it is too jumbled together and you don't know where to look.


So I moved them around a bit.

And filled in some blank spaces.

Remember that space at the top is white.

I really like the triangles on the side of the  green blocks.  Not sure what to call them so green blocks seems to be it.

Those blocks on the right side pull the idea of the left side into view.

I like it.

I can't even imagine how to quilt it!  LOL


  1. lovin this piece!!! Green (all earth tones) are my favorite and this is great!!! Cute snowmen!

  2. I appreciate being put into the same title with Rayna and Sujata! Sounds like I need to write a book! Your green quilt is coming along nicely. Moving those triangles helped, but I think this is a project that you will have to sleep on and move things around to get it balanced, but I sure like where you are going!

  3. My sister lives an hour west of Atlanta and she got 13" of snow this weekend. In northeast Ohio, we got a dusting.


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