Tuesday, October 30, 2018

It is the Carlos Santana Boots, all over again

Do you remember when I fell for those Carlos Santana boots?  OMG, they were unbelievable.

Well, it may be the one thing I DIDN’T lose in the flood.

Because I never got them.

Because they were like $450.00

Carlos must come and play for you personally when you buy his shoes, right?

Well, I found a new love.

I don’t know what is is about me and boots.  And they get so hot in the warm months ....which is like 9 months a year.  Right?

But LOOK at them......



  1. Are these $450 too? I hope they are a better fit to your monetary sensibilities.

  2. Well, I love boots TOO. I get mine at Hotter USA. They are made in England and I go for the warm ones for the winter because the rest of the year I wear moccasins or sandals. They are part of what Terry likes to call my uniform. Silently he wishes for the days I wore 3" spike heels and short skirts. Silly man.
    xx, Carol

  3. Those boots are sharp! The only boots I own are my New Balance boots that I wear for work.

  4. I like those but most likely I would not pay anything close to the asking price. I can't see needing more than two pairs of boots in our climate. But yes! They do look great.


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