Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What's on your design wall Monday

My design wall contains a puzzler. It is the first round of my Round Robin for the Sassi Strippers. And I got a toughie for the first one. The flowers and water fall were what she wanted for her center. The center had to be 12 x 18. And I also said they could put in fabrics they wanted included in the quilt. We are able to add our own as well.

So I got the center and those two colors hanging slightly away from it. I don't see it. But then I am really really bad with color. I need lots of help picking out my fabrics.

I saw this beautiful blueish teal and the bamboo looking batik. So I am trying to figure out how to make it work. I think I need to go buy some extra of the blue and bamboo teal and put that in her box for the rest of the peoples.


  1. You didn't really ask for advice, but I never could keep quiet :) I can see where she might have gotten the pink/brown from the center piece - the colours are in there. And I wonder how the 'owner' will feel if she was expecting that colour scheme and ends up with the blue/teal scheme you are leaning towards.

    That said, I personally love the blue/teal. They are some of my favourite colours.

  2. Yeah, I know you are right. It is just.....well.....I love the blue and teals.............and it looks soooo good..........whine........



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