Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Angels are Dancing Tonight

Tout les Soir Cajun Band  click here to read about Rodney and some surprising awards for the band.

I am pretty sure the angels in heaven are dancing to the accordion playing and singing of Rodney Thibodeaux!

And they are loving it!

That's Rodney on the accordion.  Enjoy the music.

He probably cooked up some spicy hot crawfish with potatoes and corn tossed into the pot.

And for sure he is charming the lady angels with his great smile and thick French Cajun accent!

He was a powerhouse of a man, dabbling in not only music but antique cars.

He was recently at my house a few months ago, memory fading.  But he still knew his way around a kitchen.  I had cooked for about 15 people when all the Cousins got together.  He was uncomfortable knowing he couldn't remember most of the people there.  But he found his way to the kitchen and cleaned that place from top to bottom.

I let him clean!
Diane said most recently he would vacuum their house, but put the plug next to the socket rather than in the socket.  He would be vacuuming happily away!

Sometimes you have to laugh at the tricks of the mind.  Or you cry at the loss.

I will miss his charm, his cooking and his music.

But I know the angels are waltzing away and tapping their toes tonight!

Rest in peace, my friend.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Candace the Therapy Dog and A Bit of Good Fortune

My house looked like this December, a year ago in 2017.  This fairly rare snowfall lasted all day long.  Here in Baton Rouge we have snow about every 6 or 8 years.

The Basset Boyz were totally amazed at the white stuff.

Today the beaver was in my next door neighbor's yard munching down on some acorns.  The tree there is a huge oak.  I odd to have a beaver rambling around here.  We are used to opossums and rabbits and armadillos.

At the hospice today, Rodney's son Chad brought Candace Marie, his Certified Therapy Dog.  Chad and Candy work with Autistic kids.  She is able to calm them.

He brought her here to visit his dad, who is struggling to breathe since he is in what they call Transition.  I didn't read the book they gave Diane, but I imagine they mean between life and death.

I did have about an hour or so this morning to work on The Good Fortune Mystery quilt.  I chose the oranges, and then stripped them.
I made about half of the needed pieces.  Since Bonnie requested about 3 times the amount of orange I used, I am thinking that there will be another use for the color.  

I will spend some time tomorrow at Hospice with Diane and Rodney again.  I am hoping for peace and calm.  We spoke today of letting go.  That is the tough part.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Good Fortune Mystery

Yay!  Another clue is out...…….


Thanks for everything y'all said yesterday on my post.  It had been a trying day.  I have some things to do this morning and I will go check on Diane and Rodney after that.  I didn't have the dreaded text so far, so I am thinking things are the same with them.

Last night we went to our Investment Counselor's party at the L'Berge Casino.  Seems that is the hot place to have upscale parties.  And yes, I wore a dress.  The same one I wore to Jason's wedding 4 years ago.  I figured it would recycle nicely since it snowed on Jason's wedding day in Colorado.

It was a warmish rainy day here, but the temps dropped as the front came through and there was tremendous fog when we left the Casino.  It sits on the Mississippi River and we thought the fog was just hanging on the River.  But we were still foggy at the house 9 miles inland.

Warm day plus cold night always brings fog.

Today is crisp and cold and clear and bright.

So you are wondering what CL in the title means, huh?

Well, I woke up with a migraine around 4 am.  Frank decided he would help and moved the rather large basket full of dirty clothes to the washing machine.

He wanted to add water, machines these days use a minimal amount of water.  But you can increase the water level simply by pushing a button that says "Add Water"  or something close to that.

Somehow, he pushed the button combination that activates the Child Lock.  And we were locked out of the washing machine.  Of course he had no idea what buttons he pushed.

And of course, he couldn't find the booklet for the machine.  He unplugged the machine several times but the display continued to read CL in flashing letters.

So, I guess the basket of dirty clothes will continue to increase until someone figures out who to remove the child lock.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

What A Day

Every once in a while you have these days that you feel your world spinning.   Today has been my day.

This morning my 22 month old grandson had tubes put in his ears.  The procedure is pretty common and widely done so it was just that it was OUR baby it was happening to.  He is home now and after eating lunch, he is in a better mood.  He will make it!

I spent the morning in the hospice rom with my cousin, her son as we watched my friend Rodney take some difficult last breaths.  He is still taking those breaths, and they are making him as comfortable as his troubled mind and body allow him to be right now.

Oh, what a day so far.

Rodney is quite a personality.  he had a Cajun band that traveled the US playing his beloved Cajun music at fairs, festivals and concerts.  His huge shop held too many to count antique cars he refurbished and drove to contests and meets.

Remember when the World's Fair was in New Orleans back in the 80's?  Rodney's shop was where the Gondolas that crossed the Mississippi River were built.

He grew up when French was a language here and his music was love songs in Cajun French spoken to his love, Diana.

I will be helping Diane  as much as I can in the next few days.

And all at Christmas time, what a Christmas memory, huh?

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Strausbourg France

Whew it has been a few days since I posted, I didn't realize it.

The news yesterday hit home for me.  Two people, maybe three now today, have died after a shooting at the Christmas Market in Strasbourg France.

when we were in Strasbourg this August, we walked through the area where the Christmas Market is held.

Strasbourg is a beautiful city.  Another senseless terrorist attack.

Here are some photos of a more peaceful city last August.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Range of color in scrap quilts Charlene has been telling me that I should have kept those first red and beige Four Patches in the game.  And I was skeptical.

I am not sure I really wanted these to mix but I did read this today that confirms what Charlene said as a scrap fact.

The backstory is that I needed a book to trade at a guild meeting so I found a great book called, get this,

Use Scraps, Sew Blocks, Make 
100 Quilts!

By Stuart Hillard.  Stuart is pretty cool in his weird sweater......maybe.  But the book got here today.  I needed it last night.  Right.

Anyway, he has this insightful paragraph in his Making Colors Work section:

"One of my favorite color combinations is blue (or red) with cream, but in the best scrap traditions make sure the blues (or reds) go from light to dark and every shade and permutation in between and that the creams range from white to tan."

White to tan.  He ranges his neutrals from white to tan.  


I would not have put whites with tans. And in this quilt I wanted it to be more modern looking.  So in that vein, I am keeping even my colors to be more of the same color, same shade with little variation.  I want them to read as a solid.  

When I made the red and white Four Patches for Charlene, I realized that I needed to have white instead of beige if I wanted it to be modern looking.

So I thought that was interesting when I read that paragraph and recalled what Charlene talked about, it made me think I needed to share it all with you.

So here it is.  Neutrals range from white to tan and white and tan do go together.

 And according to this quilt in his book, he must know Bonnie Hunter...……..just sayin'