Sunday, February 17, 2019

Quilting Stats from Why Quilts Matter

I have spent the day watching the expensive weekend rate plumber guys (two of them now) take my bathroom apart, drag yucky equipment through the house and dig holes in my back yard.  Oh, my house is such a mess of mud and footprints and muck.

It was useless to clean while they were here, so I found a documentary called Why Quilts Matter on Create Network.  Shelly Zegard hosts the 9 part documentary.  She is a quilt historian, curator, collector and seller.

Amazing stuff if you can find it either on your cable or TV programming or on the internet.  I have not looked for it so I am not sure what format it would come in on the internet.

There is a great and wide range of genres of quilting; from old antique, vintage, traditional, contemporary and art quilts.  They had a large portion of several programs talking about the Gee's Bend quilts and how that has affected quilting today.

Oh and they all pronounced it as "G's" Bend rather than what I have heard lately as "Gheez" Bend (with a hard 'kee" as in geese, that is so hard to write!)

Here is one of the things that really shocked me, when Zegard gave some statistics.  Are you surprised by these numbers?

There are over 20,000,000 quilters in the US
14% of households in America do some form of quilting
Quilting is a $3.58 billion impact on the economy
The average family income is $91,600
72% of quilters have a college degree
On average, a quilter has about $8542 worth of equipment and supplies
On average, a quilter has about $3677 worth of fabric in home
85% of quilters have a dedicated room for quilting.

And the current program about Romanticizing the Quilt they are talking about separating fact from fallacy as Quilting becomes more accepted as an art, specifically the Underground Railroad Myth.  There has never been any evidence that the slaves would quilt messages into quilts and hang them out.  There are no examples of these messages.  The myth was propagated from a 1990 book that contained a story that is unsubstantiated.  Even record searches from WPA interviews of African Americans finds no mention of any codes or stories of directions for escaping slavery.

The last program was about Art Quilts. What Is Art? is a huge question.  Quilters have long fought for recognition of their work as an art form rather than just a "woman's craft".  Collectors like Gerald Roy, William Ferris and Bernie Herman along with quilters like Ricky Tims and Caryl Bryer Fallert have worked to gain recognition for quilting outside of the "craft" designation.

Here is another provoking thought:

Carol Ely, quilt historian, says if quilts had been made by men, the genre would be considered as more important than it has been.  Quilt scholarship is not yet where other art scholarships like painting or even photography stands.

Color Theory Class

Saturday, while Frank was dealing with illegally placed dumpsters and sewer backing up in the tub/showers, I was taking a Color Theory class!  I had way more fun than he did, for sure.

Sally Gordon has studied color and art history for a lot of years.  She set up an interactive class for about 13 of us CFAL (Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana) members.

Our class packet included a wonderful little color wheel that has windows for determining what a color looks like if you add yellow, black, grey, blue and red.

Really cool instrument.

We started with the pages of white, black and grey and some color chips.  Without regard for composition, we played with how the color reacted when placed on each of the backgrounds.

I guess I have done this before but it was very revealing how the colors receded or came forward.  I have always liked black more than white as a background/sashing color.  To my eye, it makes the colors pop forward, and I like the effect.

Sally said that painters have it easy, they can mix the color they want.  As fiber/fabric artists we have to buy the color we want or create it in an dye vat.  Which we all know is not an exact science.  While shopping is fun, we still might not be able to find the exact color we need if the shop keeper did not order it!

Bebe made neat little marks on her papers.

I threw color on the paper like a wild woman.

We played with gouache colors on watercolor paper and made (I ATTEMPTED to make) color, hue and shade as well as neutrals.

I was really good at making neutrals and browns!

She taught us a secret to adding color effects to our quilt subjects.

She also brought in how the painters of the past dealt with shading and creating light effects.

I can say, I learned a lot about that...…..and if you see my work sheet, you will see I need a LOT of help yet!

Thanks, Sally!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

So what are YOU doing this weekend?

This is what I am doing on my Saturday night......
.After the FEMA Trailer was removed from that neighbors driveway, they brought two trucks of dirt and spread it out right there.

Then yesterday they brought two dumpsters and put one in front of my house.  To wit, we called the police to have it removed.  

They removed that today and began tearing up her driveway. Seems like fema is replacing her driveway because they put a trailer there.

Your tax dollars at work folks.

All the other neighbors  are furious.

Then while they were tearing up the driveway our tub and shower backed up with mud. And the toilets  won’t drain.

FEMA says that we need to get our own plumber and prove it is their fault.

Really? And you are replacing her driveway?

This is why people drink, do drugs and go off on the government!

Thursday, February 14, 2019


I am making the Zuni Quilt from Southwestern Modern by Initial K Studio. Kristi is a modern genius!

Ah may zing!

But is is HARD.

Well, not really, but you do have to be precise and mindful.   You get one rectangle set the wrong way and wham! You are out of whack and your block is is wrong.

Since my fabrics were dark where the pattern was light and light where the pattern was dark it was a continuing problem to keep it straight.  So I made a drawing of the pattern with the colors the way I needed them to be.

This worked out better, but I still was fighting with making the Half Square Rectangles in the correct orientation.

So I made a copy of the pattern and cut it up. I placed the Tiny Blocks in their spots on the design wall, making sure they were in the correct orientation.

I could then take the Tiny Block to the cutting table and make certain the blocks were correctly oriented.  

Pet Peeve, you say?  Why yes, I do have a pet peeve, a serious one.  I have a big problem with people who say orientated, when they are meaning oriented. 

Here is what my design wall looked like after a bit.  

 And here is what I had planned for the center.

Mr. Red, jump on in there!

And Mr. Red complied!

I have another row of triangles on both sides.

But I am loving it so far.

Thank you Mr. Red!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


I just opened my new issue of Art Quilting Studio and I see my really good friend Carol. Did I mention she was my really,really good friend?

Thursday, February 7, 2019

CAAWS Mystic Krewe of Mutts rolls on Sunday Feb 17,2019

The Mystic Krewe of Mutts is our largest fundraiser.  All proceeds go to the Spay and Neuter Fund to provide th community with $25 Off Coupons, Low Income S/N and Feral Cat Trap/Neuter/Release.

And this is our 20th year for the parade! 

to sign up to walk in the parade, purchase a Roaring 20th Anniversary t-shirt.  This is the shirt below.

Every donation to CAAWS in any form goes to some part of animal care or CAAWS programs since we have no paid employees.  

We have no affiliation with any government program, we are totally run on your donations.  

Becky’s Treasure Trove

I love getting the bits of curiosity from Becky.

This month Becky must be in her Blue Period!

Hand dyed blue gradation embroidery yarns, and a 4 inch tiny cross stitched piece that will make a really nice center for some art project.

The charms are something I have wanted to buy for a while, and Voila!  Here they are!

Love the brightly colored zip tote bag.  I need to put an embroidery projectt in it and carry it with me!

Thanks Becky!  Once again, a great Treasure find!