Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tops and Backs

OK, Swooze, my dear.

I have the 100 Meter Swim on the frame.  And I have 4 quilts with backings in line to get quilted.  Five really, if you want to add Sawyer's quilt in there.  Carrie likes a striped backing made from home dec fabric.  At least it is not that heavy!  I am goin to try that for the first time.  Home Dec.  A new twist.

You know I was having a tough time finding a backing for the Improv Stripes?  Well, in the box from Charlene was this amazing ZEBRA fabric!!!!  Yes, it is perfect.

Batik Reflections needs a binding.  As
does the Santa Quilt. I just need to cut binding for the Santa, I think I have it already for the Reflections quilt. 

Thursday and Friday, Charlene came to play with me!  I made Sausage Leek soup and we spent a lot of time just chilling.  Last time she came she brought a pattern we could work  on together.

Man, two of us, both experienced quilters who have made  amazing quilts, could not figure out this  crazy block.  First of all, the cutting directions were incorrect.  Once we got that straightened out, the placement of the collar on the shirt was pretty iffy.  After ripping 3 times and re-cutting a collar unit twice, we both were so frustrated.

It is a cute block, and I will give it another try this week, but it may not happen in the end run.

I went to the doctor Monday, he says it is nothing more than allergies.  Well, I say, give me some  powerful meds because my throat is killing me!

Charlene brought me two boxes and a big bag full off the final installment of my fabrics.  Oh, Lordy!  This is just one box!

I just finished putting it all somewhere.  In the end I was trying to match coordinating fat quarters to make some quick quilts and get some things moving out of the room.  I don't think another piece of fabric can fit in here.

I need to get my Husqvarna machine back to finish this Tribute to the men who put their lives on the line for us daily.  The Janome is just not agile enough to quilt the curves.  It is loud and heavy and frustrating.  But right now it is the only one I have!

 My cousin asked me if I could donate a quilt to the raffle to raise money for the Military Moms to provide funding for cadets at the various academies to attend some event.  So I pulled these fabrics.  I need to make two quilts, since I wanted to make her one for Christmas anyway.  I had just ordered these Navy seals from some ebay person.

Military fabrics are so expensive.  Anyone have a better priced source for Navy fabrics?

And all the hurricanes!  Oye!  The ones in the Atlantic don't bother me!

In the yard yesterday Frank found this Orbweaver guy.  He is probably the size  of my palm and has a web that stretches from the River Birch tree to the Deck.

Today my throat is better but my head hurts.  And my ears are very loud.  They ring all the time, but right now they are really loud!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Blogging from the vet

This is the day everyone gets sick, I guess.  I have some sort of throat disease that is going to kill me by hurting so badly I can't swallow.  (That did not stop me from eating a donut this morning though, like you would think it would, right?)

Chloe has the infection in the uterine stump again, and the amoxi she takes daily and the bay trill he added is not getting it.  Although she is happy as a lark to be at the vet with all her vet tech friends!

I need to do a resist piece for my meeting on Wednesday. You would think that I would get that done in the month I had since the last meeting when they said....get a resist piece done, right?

 at least the day is pretty.

Friday, September 15, 2017

CFAL Fiber Art Show

Advocate CFAL Art Show Article

CFAL Art Show Article

TWO articles are out about our Fiber Art Show!

Please take a look at these articles about the CFAL FIber Art Show.

The show will be hanging in Sept and October at the Arts Council of Livingson Parish in Denham Springs, LA on Hummel Street.  Right in the middle of the Antique District.

I will try to get a link to all the pieces that are hanging.  In the meantime, Here is my Eclipse piece for your viewing enjoyment.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Need Machine Suggestions

Not many people reading yesterday, huh?  Y'all all busy?  I was too.

Although I didn't quilt much,  it I did housework. I generally run the roomba daily in the den/hallway and my bedroom. I have two roombas, ya know.  I thought the original one drowned in the flood, but I must have put it up before we left and it survived.  Before I unpacked it, I had already purchased a new one.  So I have two!

But once a week I do a regular vac, and mop the whole house.  This day, I tossed in a cleaning for the huge shower in my spa bath.  I spent the rest of the afternoon bringing the dogs to get bathed, picking them up and not remembering to put the stuffed peppers in the crockpot!

So we had no dinner and had to go to Dairy Queen.  Yep, had to.

So I have this important question.  Carrie has been using my mother's old cheap Walmart Brother machine.  It needs to be tuned up, but the cost of these tune ups is way more than mom paid for it years ago.

So I am looking for a mid range machine to give her for Christmas.  We have a Bernina shop in town, a Viking shop and a baby lock dealer.  I think they have singers at joanns here and of course there is the internet and whatever. I am sure someone sells Janome and one of the Vac Shops sells a New Home.

I want to spend $300-400 for a nice machine.  I think some pluses that would be nice is needle up/down, a small alphabet, some cute stitches.  And whatever else might be good to have. Seems like there was one thing that I can't remember right now I told her we would look at.

She wants to sew some things like curtains, pillows, simple clothes for Sawyer, maybe some crafty things for the house.  She definitely does not like to sew quilts!  But she uses a lot of home dec and curtain materials so I think a mid range machine might have a bit more motor power than a lower level machine.

So what are your suggestions?  What do you love?  What should we look at?


Monday, September 11, 2017

100 Meter Swim

 The 100 Meter Swim went on the frame this morning!

It was not difficult to quilt, actually.  I always have this feeling like I am going to ruin the quilt when I start quilting. 

I have a piece of acrylic I practice on before I start the quilting process.  I can determine how large or small In nee to make the elements of the pattern at that point.  
 You really can't see the sea glass color thread on the water pieces, but on the orange part of the backing you can see them well. 

These are the waves.  In the next orange photo you can see part of the squiggles that comprise the second part of the whole pattern.

I was careful to square up the backing, the quilt top and the batting.  Usually I don't. 

And you know what?  It made no difference to how the very bottom of the quilt laid toward the end of the quilting roll.  Still working on getting to that point though!

Concrete pebbles in the pool surround are looking good. 

I am sure it will be finished tomorrow and can be squared up for binding. 

I am thinking this might be an entry into the Journeys show next year.  Journey to the Olympic Gold!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Weekend Accomplishments

This weekend I cleaned out the fish  pond.  No fish, I am still mad at them for leaving me when the flood waters topped the sides of their pond.  They were just plain ungrateful fish.

While Frank was at the CAAWS building with Greg finishing up some of the construction work stuff, I found myself a date and went to feed the geese at their lake.

The day was beautiful, I guess Hurricane Irma had  sucked all the weather out to Florida. 

You can see the geese way, way in the background.  Tiny, stupid geese.  Despite the half loaf of bread I tossed into the water, not a single goose came near us.

How can you teach a kid about geese if you can't get one?

This is what your phone cord looks like when the vacuum cleaner eats it.  Oops.  
 I decided the chair needed its quarterly cleaning.  Yeppers it sure did!

 All this came out of my 5 wheels.

Remembering to clean it fairly often makes it easier to clean out when you do.

 When the original cabinets came in originally the doors for the linen cabinet was scratched.   Then they sent the wrong color door to replace the scratched one.  Finally they got the right one to us last week.  I got it installed and the handles on.  Now it is real.

I don't know if you can see it, but the corner of my cutting table kept hitting the wall.  There are several dings in the space there.  So I found a piece of chair rail and a nail gun an zapped it to the wall.  Bingo!

It was already painted even! Double Bingo!

I also got two backings made and the quilt tops trimmed up for the Triangles and the 100 Meter Swim.  I only  took pics of the Triangles though.

You will have to wait till the Swim goes on the frame. 

So Just How Many UFOs Do I Have?

That is the question on the table.

A count this afternoon comes  out to be:

29 tops and 7 in various states of progress.

Not as bad as I thought!  Whew, I feel better.  I was thinking it was more like 40!  There are several I can think of that I can no longer find since the flood last year.  Like my teal sewing machine quilt.  I made a million and a half of these 3 inch half square triangles and sewed them together to look like a sewing machine.  Nowhere in sight now.  And I still don't my photos recovered from LiveDrive.  I can't  get Andrew to work on it for me.  He  avoids anything I  do.  I just don't know why he won't help me with this. 

I guess I am going to have to call my friend Caroline and see if her hubby Greg can work on it for me.  It should be easy enough to do, if you know what you are doing.

I need to be part of two years of those UFO numbers Challenges to get this list done done.

So after Swooze and I had a text discussion about how many UFOs we had, I was all motivated to go in and get the backing together for three of them and get one on the frame.  I pulled them out of the pile.

100 Meter Swim - I knew what the backing was to be; those great swimming ladies.  So I put it aside.

 I need to find a strip of orange to make a pop in that backing and it can go on the frame.  Of course, I have plenty of orangey fabric somewhere in my stash, but I still put it aside.

I know how I want to quilt the pool water.  And the cement surround wll be pebbles.  So maybe I need to pull this one back out and get  it done.
 Triangles - I really love this one.  I pulled a fat quarter pack and used a
newly purchased ruler and made these great huge triangle blocks.  Once together I thought I needed more, so I put them aside.  I can make more, or make a smaller quilt.  Or add negative space.  So I pulled several pieces of fabric that would make some nice negative space.  Nothing thrilled me.  So I put it aside.

I thought I liked the weird light green better but  seeing this, I actually like the blue better, It makes the colors look richer.

 Funny, how that works.  I like looking at thing like this in a photograph, it gives a different perspective.

Improv Stripes -  I pulled 5 possible backings.  Nothing made me happy.  I thought I needed to have some sort of pattern on the backing.  But what I had enough of, wouldn't work.

And I really have nothing short of a solid black, grey or white that will work.  So I put that aside.

Two thoughts came to me.  I was crippled by indecision, or as Ann of Fret Not Yourself said " I am trying to marry conflicting guidelines: 1) give quilts enough time to evolve and 2) quit tucking projects away for years."

The second thought was:  Thank god I don't hand quilt my stuff, I would NEVER get anything done!