Friday, June 14, 2019

Happy Flag Day!

I have the greatest flag pictures.  It was taken on the Downtown Baton Rouge levee at the USS Kidd.  The Kidd is our WWII era destroyer you can tour and experience how the men lived.  They simulate an attack and the Kidd is always victorious!!

I took the photo on one of our bike rides down the levee from the State Capital to LSU, a distance of about 15 miles.  What calories we would burn would be immediately eaten again at one of the great restaurants along the way.  But it worked out, you know.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Slightly Better

The only thing that has made me feel better is receiving my Cotton Robin quilt back from its travels across the world.  I can’t show it yet but it is spectacular.  I think it is the best of all these years,  it has been assembled with such precise work and design.

I love it!

I am better, slightly. I’ve lost about 7 lbs so far, the Valtrex makes me ever so slightly queasy.

It is still more  comfortable to be in a dark room then have light pierce my eye. My pain has changed today it’s not as intense inside my head. But it still is bothering me at my temple and inside my ear.  And my eye still is very irritated.  And my hair on my scalp is like needles.

Eye and ear.  That’s where I’m getting the stabbing pains now. New development is that my throat on that side is sore so I don’t know whether it’s coming through there or it’s just irritated or what.  So much fun.

My friend called from NJ and she hasn’t been following along. So when she asked how I was, she got an earful!

If I lived in Colorado I would have the right medicine!

Monday, June 10, 2019


I have had shingles twice before and even had the shot.  So if this is a mild case, I am sure the real thing would have killed me.

Every day there is a new thing.  Today it is the eye irritation and the pain deep in my ear.  Oh and my scalp, my hair hurts !!  I put a small clip Barrett to keep my bangs off my forehead, and the stupid clip hurts!  I had to take it out at supper.

But I can tell it is changing and hopefully nearing the end of this intense torture.

Have you ever wondered if you could withstand torture by some sadistic fiend?  Well, I can.  And I only have a few breakdowns a day.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Big Change For the Surgery

Now it is cancelled altogether.

Seems I have developed a case of shingles across my face of all things.   So anesthesia doesn’t want to touch me.  Go figure

Damn, this is frustrating.

Now I feel like crap where before I was OK.  And it gets put off another month.  I am certainly not going to go thru the pain I did with my knee when I got MRSA.

Nope.  Not if I can help it!

So more waiting.  At least I won’t have to deal with problems in Europe with medications being adjusted and what not.   So there is that.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

A Bit of Change for my Surgery

Doc K has decided he wants to do my surgery at Our Lady of the Lake rather than Baton Rouge General.  Same day, different place.  Just so you know.

I spent an hour and a half at the Ortho Doc this morning.  They always take forever to see patients.  I have my mother’s bones, and that is not all such a good thing.

Afterwards we headed to the Apple store to see about getting the Live Photos aspect of the camera settings turned off.  While I was waiting for the Apple Genius to help us, I sat in on a mini class about features in the Notes Section. I use Notes a lot.  Now I REALLY want the Apple Pencil! I guess I have to wait for Christmas though since my birthday was in January, MA-ahm!  

I will put it in my NOTES under “ What I want for Christmas.”

Monday, June 3, 2019

This is how much I hate binding

I was cleaning up my list of UFOs on the right side of the blog in the header.  I can only attribute it to a poor work ethic and lack of follow through.

Before you feel the urge to say something nice to this employee, keep in mind that for every one you see here’s there are 4 or 5 waiting in the wings.

Plus the fact that there are FIVE, count them FIVE just waiting to have the binding sewn on.

If I were smart, which is becoming less and less a problem, I would sew the binding on all those quilts then sit and sew by hand while I recover next week.

This morning I have physical therapy then I want to go down to the Mississippi River levee and take pics of the height of the water.  Now they are saying the river will crest at 47-49 feet.  That is higher than the levee is rated for.

This was 1 1/2 weeks ago at the River.

Oh, and the teal and white quilt is not mine, I mange to get to it to take it out though, so enjoy it!

Thursday, May 30, 2019


No, not a new serger!  LOL surgery.

About 6 years ago, my brother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  It affected his lymph nodes and vocal cords.  His surgeon suggested I get screened as well, even though it is not supposed to be hereditary.

So I had ultrasounds every 3 months, then every 6 months then yearly.  I had what they call cold nodules.  Bit they remained the same size until last January 2018

My surgeon suggested I have another ultrasound in June last year.  That one showed a minor changes from January’s test.  So in January 2019 I had another ultrasound. This one showed some major changes in the nodule structures.

I had a needle biopsy after that, maybe February.  The results came back as undiagnostic.  Which meant they didn’t get cancer cells directly, but they couldn’t rule out cancer.

After much research and thought, it occurred to me one day, why let myself get cancer?  So with my surgeon I made the decision to have it removed.

Tomorrow I will have a biopsy on the large nodule on the left side.  They don’t like nodules over 2 cm. If it is not diagnostic, I can leave it in and hopefully produce thyroid hormone without having to take synthetic.  I figure the real stuff is better than the fake stuff.

At the minimum he will remove half of the thyroid.

June 13.  It is not a Friday so I should be OK.

Thanks for all the well wishes and thoughts.  Once I thought about it, I realized there was just one choice.  To remove it.  Why let myself get cancer, Was a DUH moment you might say!

In other news, I have salad growing in my garden!