Monday, September 16, 2019

Two New Specialists for the Eye

I had an appointment with Dr. Heigle, who is my cornea specialist.  I have an epithelial mass under the cornea of that eye I see him for.  That is not growing so he just looks at it once a year.  Kinda like the thyroid nodules were before they started changing.

He looked at my eye, and looked some more.  Then called in another cornea specialist Dr. Tran and he looked and looked some more.

They talked back and forth and decided on another stronger course of Valtrex the antiviral, increasing the steroid to 6 times a day, and discontinuing one of the other drops.

Dr. Pearce, the previous specialist, had decreased the steroid because of the increased pressure in my eye.  But that is back to normal for the last three months.

I have an appointment with Dr. Tran on Friday.  He will check on the changes and hopefully see an improvement!

FIVE months.  Yep, five months I've been dealing with this.

Wish me luck!  And if you need me, I will be putting drops in my eye all the time now!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Leafy Quilt Blocks Oh Oh

Yesterday I had a total of 6 blocks.

Today I had a total of 5 blocks.

Cannot figure out what happened...…..

Monday, September 9, 2019

Leafy Quilt Sew Along

I made some leaves today.  Our project was to make 1/4 of the necessary leaves for your project.  Mine may be a pillow before the end of all this.

I made three leaves while Frank watched the LSU game Saturday night.  Not bad considering it was very small and fiddly pieces.  I hate small and fiddly pieces.  So I struggled through.  And this is not the half of it.

There are three leaves, basically.  A full leaf, the top half of a leaf and the bottom half of a leaf.  I thought they would all have the same alpha lettering for the various sizes, but no.  Each leaf part had its own lettering.  So there are three different size A blocks, three different size B blocks, etc on down to T blocks.  Well, somewhere in there the half blocks stop having as many pieces as the full blocks do, but you get the picture.

But the reward was these three blocks.  And I posted the three
blocks to Instagram to put myself proudly in the group of wonderful people making these blocks.

Melanie, the coordinator of the Sew Along, asked if I had done it on purpose, or was she the bearer of bad news.  There were no stems on my leaves.


I was pretty sure I followed directions.

When I was making the blocks, I was pretty sure there were no instructions for the stems in my booklet.

But the next morning when I perused the booklet, sure enough, there were the elusive stems.

So I spent several hours yesterday unsewing, adding and trimming blocks to include stems.

They tell me I am better for the trial.  


I was playing on my computer this morning, something I rarely do.   I hit some buttons at the bottom of my Windows screen, just to see what they would do.  Often that does not work out well for me.

I clicked on a circle and found Cortana, who is like Siri.  So I asked some random questions, like how is the weather in Timbuktu.  After I exhausted all my questions, I wondered if I could ask Cortana to open a photo, so I suggested a photo.  But I don't normally name photos so I randomly asked for an image number.

To my surprise, Cortana asked how I wanted to open the photo, and one of the suggestions was Snip and Sketch.

Oh, goody, more buttons to push!

It is a program that was uploaded in October 2018 during a maintenance upload.

And it is pretty cool.

It draws stuff on top of your photos, documents and various and sundry other things.

Here is my masterpiece from today.  Patriotic Bird was my guinea pig.   I think I can use this.  If I can remember I have it.

Wouldn't it make a great quilting motif idea generator?  I have to figure out how to control the images coming into the program.  This was actually a small portion of a larger photo.  But that can be worked out.

Interesting, huh?

Sunday, September 8, 2019

August Health Wrap Up

I don't think I ever closed the door, so to speak, on the results of my thyroid surgery pathology report.  It was thyroid cancer on the left side.  Which was interesting because we were only concerned about the nodules on the right side because they were the ones changing from cold nodules to warm.

The endocrinologist told me that he was confident that since the cancer was so small (under 2 micrograins) and still encapsulated, he considered me cured.  So it turned out to be the perfect decision to do a total thyroidectomy.

My brother had a cancer of 4 cms and it had broken through the capsule so he was rewarded with aggressive radioactive iodine treatment.  I avoided that.   Because of his situation, I had a yearly ultrasound of my thyroid for the last 6 years.  The changes were noted in the January 2019 ultrasound but it wasn't until August that I was able to have my surgery.

Frank developed a hernia at some point and we felt it was important to get him fixed before working on me, since both me and Sawyer would depend on his ability to pick up more than 10 lbs!

I am doing well, got discharged from my surgeon a couple weeks ago.  I see the endocrinologist in another couple weeks checking on the thyroid meds.  I feel like I am doing fine with the dosage, but there are times I feel short of breath.  Of course that could be because I need to lose some weight, but we won't talk about that...……..

My shingles continue to plague me.  I am still unable to see clearly out of my right eye with shingles inside the eye.  Next week sometime I have an appointment with another specialist, this time a cornea guy.  I see him yearly to measure a mass inside my right eye.  Poor eye!

This is really aggravating, my eye.

But my hair looks great!

Something is working!

We are planning a trip to see Nephew Shannon in Washington State soon.  I can't wait to meet his kids and see him again.  The last time we saw him was at his dad's funeral when he was 17.  A lot of time has passed, he is in his 40's now.

Of course I am bringing each of them a quilt!  I have finished two and need borders and quilting on the third.

This is for his 13 yo son, and is finished, even though it is just a top here.  Too dark to take photos right now.

This one is for Shannon.  I got the binding done this week, even though I really can't see.  I wanted to hand stitch it down because it is such a nice finish, but I ended up just running it on the machine.  I did some improv quilting on the top, with a chrysanthemum in the center of the beige and a squiggle in the bars.

I can't find the photo of the top for this next one, it is probably on my phone rather than the camera.  Wow, I need an organizational thing for my photographs!

The sashing is a dark grey solid and looks fabulous! I took a bucket of solids and just invented blocks with the colors.  I originally thought I would use the bucket of scraps for a 100 blocks in 100 days challenge, then I just make all the blocks in a few days.

 I need to put borders on it and then quilt it.  Which should be fun with my eye like this.  It is for his 9 year old daughter.  I think she will love it!

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Leafy Quilt Along

When I saw Elizabeth Hartman’s new quilt pattern Leafy I I knew I was going to do it. Then I found a quilt along for the pattern set up by Melanie in Germany.  Like and idiot I  just joined in!!  I figured it was probably going to be the best way to get it done, right.  You can see the progress at the Instagram #leafyquiltsewalong. Or join in and feel my pain. Like I have nothing else to do.

It was a bit confusing because I started cutting  out all the little tiny pieces and found out that the full leaf, the top leaf, and the bottom leaf all have ABC DEFGHIJKLM pieces but they’re different sizes for each one. So I have a bunch of pieces in a bunch of Ziploc bags and did I say it’s really confusing.

 This is why I don’t do intricate blocks. Although the quilt is really not an intricate block by Elizabeth Hartman standards

It will be an amazing one though, you have to admit. And take a look at Mr. Macho Man overlooking the whole process

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Mississippi River Is Very Low Now

Please click on the photos to make them larger.  It helps me create the post with the smaller photos.  Gotta love Blogger!

I had lunch with Diana and Gwen at Elsie's Plate and Pie.  OMG!  We had seafood and chicken pot pies and two kinds of each, coconut cream, cherry, almond joy and chocolate.  Oh, My!  Can you say "gain 3 lbs dinner"?

So after lunch Frank brought me to the Mississippi River to shoot some photos of the river levels.  I was really shocked to see how low the river is now.

I took a photo of Frank standing down at the river's edge on the batture area and looking up to give you some perspective.  I was on top of the levee above those letters.  Finally, you get to see the letters!

I asked him to run back down the levee to take a photo of the letters.  They are really huge letters on the cemented area of the levee.  Here all you can see is the Rouge part of Baton Rouge.

And to give you a perspective view of how large the letters are, Frank is standing on the river batture looking up to me at the top of the E.  Can you see me way up there. That is a distance of about 42 feet.

Here is the April 2019 level showing the top bar of the E letter.  you can see the very top of the levee where I was standing yesterday in the photo below.

Here is the shot I have been taking of the flooded river showing the height of the water in relation to that E.  The city workers were power washing the steps when we were there and they have washed the evidence of the water levels on that E.  If you remember, the water was in the middle of the top bar of the E.  If you can make out the white markings on the cement just above the E, it is telling us that that is 42.8 feet.

We walked down the levee about a half mile to check out the Paperclip Landing and the USS Kidd, our WWII Destroyer Museum.  IF you remember the Paperclip had water up to near the bottom of that first level.  That is where the American Queen and Mississippi Belle steam ships that tour the River dock for the Baton Rouge tours.  We like to go down and talk to people coming off the steamboats. You can see the  walkway down to the second level at flood stage in April 2019 in the photo below

Here is the USS Kidd back in April 2019 when the River was at its highest.  It was completely floating and held in by the cradle positioned on the side we can't see.  
Here is a great view of the cradle.  It is basically a post pylon with a sheet of metal with a hole it in threaded on the posts.  The metal is attached to the  side of the destroyer.  The Kidd floats freely up and down the post as the river level changes.  This allows the Kidd to float up as the water rises and drop into a stationary cradle when the water level goes beyond the underside of the ship.

And here is the view of the batture around the Kidd.

In the shots from April2019 the water was to the 4th step on the cemented area of the levee.  

Hope you have enjoyed the photos over the last few years.  We are fascinated with the Mississippi River beauty and activity.  And keep in mind, there is no connection the localized flooding we experienced in 2016 and the river levels.  The Mississippi River does not flood Baton Rouge.  We flood from the smaller tributaries  being overwhelmed by rains.  

So that is your Natural History Lesson for today!