Saturday, November 18, 2017

Fox Blox

Do you remember last year?  I barely do.  That flood thing really messed me up.  It literally stole a whole year from my life.

Last January 2016 I joined the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and chose two blocks to  work on.  One was an Asterisk and the other was Foxes.  I worked on both diligently, well, every month for the most part,  OK a lot, alright?

Somehow the box that held the Fox Blox survived the flood, the  move to Charlene's house, and then the trip back to Baton Rouge.

I used to take them out each month and set them up on the design wall to see how the various colors were fitting in with the others.  They always needed to play well with the other blocks.

I decided to pull out the Fox Blox and reacquaint myself with what I had.

If I needed to fill in, I was prepared to do some piecing.

Once I got everything on the design wall, I decided it was large enough and started putting them together.

I got to this point and decided to call it a night.  i will finish this to the top stage tomorrow.  And have another UFO another step closer to a finish!

 I had these guys leftover so they will go into the backing. 

Oh, and I already have the fox backing!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Perfect Rust

Remember that bag of nails I scored at Habitat Restore?

Got me some Economy Cloth and drew a square.  A bit off center, because, I am not always not middle of the road.

Added some nails to the square

This is the jumble of nails 

Yeah, I used my pyrex casserole dish.  A metal pan would have rusted, right?  And I wanted only the nail marks.  So don't tell Frank, OK.

It took two days for the nails to rust.  And they didn't do it well, I was kinda disappointed.  

I changed my mind when I rinsed out the fabric with saline.  The corners were stiff and I spent a lot of time scrubbing the edges.

It dried beautifully.  I like the controlled rusting.  Now I want to go to some resale shops and see if I can find some rusty tools.  I wish I knew someone who had a machine shop, now that would be cool.  Or a shipyard....oh yeah.  Rusty ship stuff.

Yes, my husband represents several machine shops but I have never been able to get him to haul rusty compressor parts home......

I am linking this up with Nina Marie at her Creations blog Off the Wall Fridays.  This is certainly off the wall rusting!  She talks about Nancy Zeiman and others link up to show their stuff.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Burning Question of the Morning

We were working on Sit/Stay.

The question was posed to me:

Hey, why do we have to sit HERE exactly?  I think we could sit outside as well.  And we would self-police........

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Our First Grandparents Day and the Magic Block Mirror at Massdrop

PS  I made a mistake and put the wrong date on the Art Auction stuff, so click here to see it.

If you are looking for one of those mirrors you can use to see how a block will look if it is mirrored , you are in luck.  There is one offered at Massdrop today.  It is currently at $26.00 but will go down to $23 as more people commit.  I  have wanted one for a while, it is one thing I didn't have before the flood!

I buy on Massdrop frequently.  They have great prices and free shipping on a lot of quilting and sewing related items.  The last thing I bought was a bolt of Kona Fog Grey for $50 something dollars.

And don't worry, I don't get anything out of it if you buy, I am just excited to have this mirror set.

Come back later today and I will show you what I got at Habitat ReStore for the Art Auction.  You won't believe this haul!

Click here to see the offer at Massdrop:   Magic Mirror set 

This morning we went to the Grandparents Day at Sawyer's school.

And LOOK!  He made this for us.  So I guess now I need refrigerator magnets!  LOL.

Here is the boy with his Papa, ever the fist jammed into his mouth.  

There were games for all to play.  Fruit for us to spit across the room and diapers to dirty!

After an hour, 5 babies crashed and the party was over.

Art Haul at Habitat ReStore

NOTE:  I am linking up with  Free motion by the River

 We have two Habitat ReStore locations here in Baton Rouge.  I love them both.  We bought a lot of stuff from there when we were flipping the houses.

They have an Art Auction every spring.  Jennifer issues $25 gift certificates to anyone who wants to participate.  You shop in the stores and create art with some things you buy.

The art then gets donated to the Art Auction and sold to build houses.

So I went shopping.  I had $25 burning  hole in my pocket.

Frank was the one who saw this fabulous frame.  It looks oriental, right?  Perfect for my Japanese Tea Bag piece.  I will decide whether it will go into the auction or I will keep it, later.  I want it, but it is perfect for the auction.

It was $3

Now, this is what I wanted to do last year, but was involved with the flood aftermath.  This year the perfect chair presented itself.  For $5 no less!

No, this is not hashish.  It is a bag of rusty nails!

Only I would want rusty nails, right?  Buck fifty for the three pounds of nails.  Got big plans for these guys.

 This is a copper thing.  No idea what they used them for, but I can see the copper becoming a mordant with rusty stuff and creating great circle stains on fabric.  Yes!

Now I have so many ideas!

And I found a Reindeer bib for Sawyer, or someone who dribbles.

I also got 3 packages of paint brushes, two nice paintbrushes and a pack of foam brushes.  Can you guess what the total for all this was?

I got 15% off for being over 55 and the whole bill was $16.58!

I could have gotten the chandelier I was lusting after!

Here is the rusting I did yesterday.  I used some smaller pieces and actually rusted it twice because the first one was not heavily marked.  This is not great but it is better.

I did see that I can do a leaf printing in the center and maybe double the impact for both rusting and leaf printing!

I am excited to get started on some ideas for the  Art Auction pieces.  I wonder how much they raise each year.  Let me see if I can find out.

Monday, November 13, 2017

OMG - One Monthly Goal Assessment

There were those naysayers who thought I projected too many OMG goals........maybe, but I do a lot of work when I get in the quilt room.

Well, it is half way though the month and I have two of the 4 goals done.

I will have to admit, I would not have done the Santa binding had it not been on the list.  I should have gone into the sewing room and put the binding on today, and didn't, so it still may not be a finish.

Let's say that I am hopeful. It is binding after all, right?

This is where I stand at half month:

1.  Completed the Navy Cadet quilt
2.  One Road - I put the backing on it but have not done any embroidery stitching on it
3.  Santa - binding needed
4.  I have quilted TWO quilts from the pile, and yep, they need binding now.....

Hey, maybe I should have binding day tomorrow!

We have our first Grandparents Day in the morning.   And Wednesday I have the Fiber Group and will show my two Japanese pieces.  I can't wait for that.  Usually on the Tuesday I am scrabbbling to do something to fit the challenge for the is half baked due to lack of time.

A Finish, New Shoes and a Brag

 My cousin Karen had asked me for a donation for the Cadet Ball in the spring. The Blue Star Mothers group for the Navy Cadets raises money to send their cadets to the event.  I volunteered to do a quilt.

I finished it about two weeks ago, but put off the binding.  Finally finished it last night.

We are meeting this Thursday for lunch and I will deliver it.

Oops! you can see my mistake in the lower right corner block!

And this is my baby!  I taught her everything she knows!!!

Well, I taught her everything she needed to get there anyway.  This is in the Baton Rouge Business Report.

She won the 2017 Emerging Professional Award from the Louisiana State Board of Interior Design.

I got new shoes in the mail today from Yes We Vibe.  I fell in love with the styles and he shoes are very comfortable. If you love running shoes with amazing graphics you will need to check these out.

I don't get anything, I just love them!