Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Stars In My Eye

 The one on the left in the photo is the cornea replacement. Can you see the stars in my eye????

Here’s the story.  He opened my eyelid stitches and left them open!!!  I can see!  Like I need glasses and no clear focus but we are in the first inning!  

Then he said I’m not going to lie to you. (Chills) when he receives the donor cornea it comes in a vial filled with fluids. After transplantation they send some of the fluid to a lab for culture. 

Mine grew some bacteria. However he sees none of the bacterial growth in my eye. That would generally happen in the first week. 

 Anyway I have a list of preventative drops and meds in case.

And you can actually see the stars in my eye!  

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  1. I see you're getting some junk spam on your comments! HA Happy you are seeing and seeing stars at that! Really, it's pretty cool to see those little glitter in your eye! Take care!

  2. Sounds like you are making wonderful progress! Keep up the good healing!

  3. Such wonderful news! When Paul had cataract surgery his vision improved slightly for about a week. Mine was clear right away. Every case is different. Hopefully less blurry and no infection.


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