2018 UFO Challenge

I generally do the UFO Challenge every year.  Last year was Flood Year so it was a non-UFO Challenge year.  I will do it this year though.  I couldn't resist a good list!

The gist of the game is to list 12 UFO projects and each month Judy will call a number.  You work on that one and post the end result.  And hopefully get 12 finishes in December 2018.

You can find it here.

I will need to combine UFO Challenge projects with OMG projects.  Otherwise I will overwork myself to death by June.

Here is my list for the year:

1.  Bind Swimming Pool and Triangles - Goal for Feb 100MeterSwim completed
2.  Red Riding Hood - Paper pieced
3.  Finish London Tea Towel
4.   Quilt diamond Dogs - quilted needs binding
5.  Quilt Orange Mystery Houses April 2018
6.  Quilt Foxes
7.  Finish GreenSquares BlackTriangles
8.  Finish Bird is the Word March 2018
9.  Make Birds of the World for Frank
10. Zig Zag needs quilting - COMPLETED January 2018
11. Quilt Modern Guild Houses
12. REME Challenge due Sept Color

I guess I need to  post photos of these and put it on my blog header so I can find it again.

There are a couple other quilts I want to get done this year.  One is the Elizabeth Hartman Llama quilt Lloyd and Lois.  The other is a Yeti Quilt for Sawyer.  I want to get more modern and improv through the year as well.

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