OMG List

Apr 2018 - Asterisk - see below
Mar 2018- the Asterisk finished, quilted and bound--oops  maybe in April?
Feb 2018 - finish 100 Meter Swim and Triangles completed
Jan 2018 - Finish Zig Zag Quilt completed

Dec 2017 -
1.  Quilt at least one top (Sawyers Quilt?)
2.  Get at least one binding done (triangles or Improv Stripes) Improv Stripes completed
3.  Doorways piece for Fiber Group  completed
4. Quilt and bind pink quilt for caitlynn
5.  Quilt and bind blue quilt for malakai
6.  finish up One Road Thru Town completed

Nov 2017 - 1. Santa  Quilt- Completed
                    2.  Quilt at least one top - Triangles and Improv Stripes quilted
                    3.  Karen's Cadet Ball quilt donation - Completed
                    4. One Road - some hand stitching - Completed

October 2017 -  Batik Reflections - Completed


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  1. Glen, my name is Suzi Stone, I recently moved from Northern California to Prairieville. In California I was very involved in the quilting community and need to find a group of peers here in Louisiana. I see there is a meeting of the CFLa on Jan 21 and I would love to attend and meet some other souls in the fiber art world. I am enjoying reading your blog posts and would love to meet you. If you know of any other fiber artists living near me I would appreciate an introduction.

    I can be reached at :


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