2017 Finishes

May 2017 Cotton Robin

June 2017 this is the Cotton Robin that was made for me.

Karen Patriotic made for Silent Auction for Naval Academy Cadet  Ball in Spring 2018
  Started in 2005 for CyberSisters finished in November 2017 - won 2nd place in Christmas Challenge, rec'd 6 fat quarters and designed quilt to use all 6.

Dino Quilt for Sawyer Finished August 2017
Mt Fuji - woodblock from 36 Views of Fuji

Created for Fiber Exploration's theme Japanese

 Twin Boy and Twin Girl - quilts made for Julie and Don's twin grandchildren born a week after Sawyer.  April 2017

Mountains - Chuck and Jennifer  Wedding 8-17  Delivered to them in March 2017 North Carolina

Baby Everette for Caroline's new baby - July 2017

Mary Elizabeth Grad- July 2017
Read Between the Lines

Saints - June 2017

Improv Leaves

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