Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cleaning up the old quilt room..revisited

I must find ways to get organized.  There is just way too much stuff in my room and on my floor.  More importantly, I can't find anything anymore, like my cutting table!

I hit upon the bright idea of kitting up some of my fabrics to make it easier to not only remember what I wanted to do with them but also to put the fabric together with the patterns from the magazines! What a great idea.

So I have gone through the batiks that lived on the corner of my cutting table for the last year (or two) and divided them up into 4 patterns that I have been wanting to do.

Then I saw a very cool block pattern inthe latest issue of Quilt. So I bagged those together. Cool.

I am on a roll.


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  1. Way to go! There comes a time in every sewing room that the cleaning gods demand their due. Mine was last week.


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