Thursday, April 22, 2010

War Between the Squirrels

Did you know there are THREE squirrels battling it out for my bird feeder seed?  That is why I could never keep seed in the feeder!  The new feeder seems to have solved the problem, though and thwarted the squirrels, or at least for today.

I can see the wheels turning.  They are laying new plans.  However I think that by restricting the seed availability I have set the squirrels to warring amongst themselves.  When two got into it and chased each other down the driveway, the third quite happily came up to investigate the feeder.
Here are two of them checking each other out.  Sizing up the enemy, as it were.  Checking out tails, how well the others' cheeks can hold a stash of black oil sunflower seeds.  The guy at the bottom of the frame is pretending to be very confident in order to throw the other one off.  A moment later they were tumbling down the driveway and the other one had moved in toward the feeder.The birds seem to have adjusted easily. 

I was on a roll quilting yesterday.  I finished up the baby Wizard of Oz and worked all the way to the quilting stage of the lap Wizard of Oz.  The batting is a piece of flannel I have had for a long time.  The feel of flannel rather than batting intrigues me.  I am marking the borders with Pounce and machine quilting a Celtic cable pattern from a stencil.  It makes nice easy crisp quilting.  I wanted to see the quilting so I am using a gold beige on the dark blue.  Gorgeous. Not sure what I will do with this one.  We are going to visit Sacramento this summer and meeting with some high school friends we have not seen in 38 years.  Cindy and I were best friends and Joe and Frank were close friends.  So it will be interesting to see what 38 years has done to everyone.  (Note to self:  lose 40 lbs before the summer.)

glen:  off to ride my bicycle and think about joining a boxing gym............................yeah, buddy!

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  1. Yeah - I knew this feeder would do the trick. The squirrels (here) have learned to be content eating the seed fallen from the feeder and stay under the feeder.



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