Saturday, June 12, 2010


Today is Saturday and I was so busy all day long.  But I did get to complete the bindings on two quilts.  One is the Wizard of Oz that I am taking with me when we visit my high school best friend in California.

And the other is the South Seas that has been sitting on the back of my sofa for months now with three sides bound properly. 
South Seas was the very first quilt I completed on my new mid arm machine.  I have Lemon Lime on it at the present time but will probably not be able to get to it until later in the month. 
I am pleased to finally have completed the bindings on these two quilts because, as we all know, I hate to sew bindings and labels.  Oh, I do need to do a label for the one I am bringing to Cindy. 


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  1. Wow! 2 great finishes! I love how both quilts are so different from each other in the with straight geometric lines (love the border quilting) and the other with a free motion all over design...very fun!


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