Monday, July 26, 2010

Quilt naming

When i was little my dad taught me to do math using a horse racing form.  It might not have been approved by the Board of Education but we had fun.  I would figure the odds and then decide which horse to bet on.  Of course, I had to use my own allowance.  And he was fair, if I won, he would pay off.  But if I lost, I owed him money!

I used to love to read the horse's names.  They were so fun and imaginative.  When I got into dog showing I would buy the dog show catalogues and sit in the hotel rooms reading the names of the dogs.  I love the names of things, I guess.

So when I began to quilt, I was overjoyed to find that people "named" quilts too!  This was the sport for me!  it is such a process to name a quilt.  Just like naming a dog, it has to be the perfect name.  In the Swissy World they always caution an owner as to the name, it may prophecy things the owner may not want!  Like Jumping Jack Flash -- he was notorious for escaping from his crate and running like the wind to the next county! 

But I think I have hit on the most perfect way to name quilts.  No more of the plain names that everyone has.  Like the Blooming 9 Patch.  27 people in the guild make it and they all call it the Blooming 9 Patch!  No way for me!  I have to have a totally original name.

What got me to thinking about this naming thing was Judy L's Design Wall Monday posts.  If you hop over to the Patchwork Place every Monday you can see what everyone has on their design walls.  She provides a place to link your site.  We have become wonderful and encouraging friends. 

Most people will have a level of protection on their sites where you have to key a random word into a box in order for your conversation to post to their sites.  It prevents spam.  And some of these "words" are really fun!  Like today I had:

And I thought------What great names for a quilt!    I have so many UFO's here I need names for.  I am all over this!

glen:  Now: Ovedister  --  was: Grapes Without Borders!

PPS -- Today I posted to WhistleStop Blog and the word was Mingrapo!  I love it!


  1. What a funny post. I find that my best quilts are the ones that started with a title first. Even if I changed it.

    My dad used to take me to the track when I was a little girl to see the horses work out on Saturday morning. I loved their names too.

    Oxillab --hmmmmmm

  2. I’m late reading for design wall Monday. Read it and then went to your post yesterday about naming quilts and it just “cracked” me up. It was so nice to just fall into this post and I felt like we were have a one on one chat. I too am fascinated with the names of horses in races (even though I don’t bet). Sometimes what’s in a name says a lot. I will keep this in mind when naming future quilts.

  3. I think Mingrapo would be a great name for that quilt. Any suggestions for a name for the quilt I'm maki g at the moment with an Australian fabric jelly roll?


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