Thursday, July 15, 2010

The week has flown by

Yes it has, hasn't it.  I have joned a group blog that spends 15 minutes a day taking scraps of leftovers and sewing them back together to make new "fabric".  The idea is to make blocks then let your mind wander to figure out what it will become.  I have about 17 6.5 inch blocks from scraps of the oriental fabrics from the clamshell things.  (I did go and get mylar template material for the clamshells but have not gotten further than that.) 

You can check out Victoria from Bumble Beans 15 minute block play group at:

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  1. I saw this on my travels through blogland. Sounded interesting - I will look into it further. So has anything challenging popped out of it?

    Hugs - Marie


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