Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bike Ride Sunday or Full Frontal Amber

Seems our Sundays have turned into Bike Ride Sundays.  Once again we tossed the bikes in the back of the van, this time we picked up Valerie.  Carrie came by to show her mum  her mum purchase but decided not to ride this week.        
We headed out from Dan's house with the idea of riding to some different lakes and then on to George's for Onion Rings and Poboys again.  We ended up on the trails through White Oak Landing.  The trails took us through the Swamp, up and down tiny hills, yes they were pretty small.  You would not think elevation would matter much, but it does here in extreme South Louisiana.  An tiny hill can be rough.  These people who live in this house don't have it rough. 

Oops!  Didn't get the front view just yet!  (but look how skinny she looks here!)

We rode just a tad under 10 miles this week.  Frank had my famous nutritious shake this morning so his stamina was high. I keep telling him to listen to me, I am not trying to knock him off.  One day he will finally believe me.
Here is one of the lakes.  There are definitely snakes in there, it did look inviting however.  Not!
We went though the swamp and I was most positive of snakes being in there.  So it was not a happy place to have one's feet.  You can tell a Swamp by the palmetto leaves growing in and about.  This picture probably has none, but I did see some palmettos somewhere in there.
AHHHH!  Here is full frontal Amber!  See she does have a beautiful face after all!
And the fact that she is smiling is good!

Food was incredible!  Look at those Onion Rings!  Ahhhhhhhhh!

glen:  go ride a bike, it feels good --- just don't do it in a swamp!


  1. Love your pink bike! and the food looks great. I rode this morning then made shrimp and grits w/gravy for lunch-boy was it good! I guess I will work it off tomorrow!

  2. No way - not me - especially in or around the swamp. I'm proud of you though, two Sundays in a row. What is the world coming to? I'd rather get in the car, meet you there and enjoy lunch without all the exercise. I have a slightly different exercise program - as soon as I make it up, I'll let you know.

    Hugs - Marie (I like the pink bike too!)


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