Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Design wall Monday on Tuesday

I must admit.  I was busy this morning and forgot about the fact it was Design Wall Monday until I logged in my computer and checked out a few blogs.  When I hit upon Judy's I realized I forgot.  But I am glad to see Louisiana was represented by Jamie in the number 3 spot!

My design wall is in the quilting stage, and it is one of the Christmas presents I am making.  My inspiration was on a trip to the Goodwill Store with Valerie after we had lunch of corn and shrimp chowder and buffalo wings at the Chimes.  I hit upon a veritable treasure box full of Christmas ideas.

So I am in the quilting stage of one of them.  And you can see a bit of the piece underneath the pathetic armadillo.  This little guy came into the Squeakie Hospital after being transported by a Smelly Basset.  Well, more like ripped from her jaws as she was sucking his stuffing brains out!

So he immediately went into  Squeakie Surgery but had to have most of his brain stuffing removed to facilitate the closing of the huge wound in his head.   I would imagine that armadillos are no worse off for having their brain stuffing removed than they are with it intact.  They are not the most intelligent of creatures.

We had one in Hammond who as such was not so bright and he had all of his brain stuffing.  Our house was obviously built in the middle of his path from one side of the pasture to the other.  And every night he would walk his path, run into the side of our house.  He would stand there fussing for about a half an hour until Frank would go out with a broom stick and moved him back down the path from whence he came.  He never made it to the other side.  I felt bad for a while, thinking he was on one side at work and his family on the other side just trying to survive.  And they never saw him again, and never knew what happened to him.

He probably met someone else and got remarried.  And left the first wife with all the kids.

$*#%(^   MEN!  Maybe they do have stuffing for brains. 



  1. Darn armadillo - leaving his family behind like he did when he moved in with the floozy. I read about his wife and 19 kids on the internet out begging for scraps (what do armadillo's eat?). The youngest kid's name was Tim and he was just a little tyke with crutches - oh never mind - different story.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. Poor Smelly Basset - she's such a lovely looking dog - does she really smell bad enough to deserve the name?!!


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