Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Presents for ME!

I'll bet you thought you had to wait for Christmas to get Christmas presents.  And further, I'd be willing to bet you had to wait for someone else to give you your presents.

Well, not so. 

And none of this is made to say that I don't get good presents, so bear that in mind.

Frank never gives me the presents I REALLY want, and when he does he wants me to buy them and then give them to him to wrap.  So over the years I save a few things, but the things I REALLY want, I buy myself.  He refuses to step inside a quilt shop, so he would stand at the door of the Quilt Corner and they would go get him what I told them I wanted the week before.  He was their funny guy they always told the stories about.  But they loved waiting on him!

I have a daughter and you would think you could rely on her to get the REALLY good stuff for you, but not so with this one.  And when I do get her headed in the right direction, like the cast iron skillet for example, I find one in the junk storage shed of his mother's stuff leftover from after she died and we inherited everything.  (Anyone want 17 snow villages?)

So I just today ordered two books I have been lusting after.  Amish Inspired Modern and Word Play.  I scored Word Play for about 1/2 the price, must have been a sale because it just came out recently from LazyGalQuilting.  Really cool, you must check it out if you want some wacky words on your quilts.

Anyway, I have my own little Christmas present thing going on.  And ti may continue for the entire month of December!  Now on to the boot section.

glen:  and I always get the perfect book and just the right size and color!


  1. Whoa Glen! Would you really wear those shoe boots? They're cute, but oh, that heel!

  2. maybe not, but don't you just love them?
    goth glen

  3. I can totally see you in those boots (LOL). As you play ball with Chloe and do all the other doggie things you do. Oh yeah, they would be great on the bike rides also. YUP you really need those boots.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

    Hugs - Marie

  4. woohoo!!! I totally get my own presents and then hand them over to husband to put in gift bags. I get what I want and he doens't have to stress since he HATES shopping.


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