Friday, January 7, 2011

The boots with the dangly things on the back at the Cotton Bowl

I bought new shoes yesterday. 
While that may not be a world shattering event for most of you, it is for me.  Since I no longer go to "work" work, I generally wear my New Balance 600 or 608s.  I have them in multiple, brown, white, dirty white.  I love them.  The NB600 line are the only shoes I have found that fit my high arch most comfortably.  I have the hiking tennis shoes as well from New Balance.  All of them have stepped in doggy do at one time or another.

So nearly 2 years ago when Carrie announced she was getting married, she informed me that I could not wear blue jeans and tennis shoes to the wedding.  So I went out and bought three new pairs of shoes.  One for the shower.  One for the Rehearsal Dinner and one for the reception.  It had been about 10 years since I bought shoes rather than tennies.  My friend Amber helped me pick out the fancy wedding shoes.  The new shoes are comfortable, but not shoes you would walk a mile in, if you know what I mean.  By the time the reception was over I had given away the dressy copper heels to the girl who married Carrie and Andrew.  These are shoes that you do not step in doggy do with.  Oh and I did buy a fancy dress for the wedding and two sets of fancy pants for the other two events so no jeans were worn.  (Carrie did approve my clothes choices as well)

So when I went out yesterday and bought new shoes on my own for no particular reason, it was a Red Letter Day here in Baton Rouge, LA.  They technically are not shoes.  They are boots.  I love them.  I went for the tennis shoes with the rounded bottoms that are supposed to tone your tushie, but when I saw cowboy boots I fell for them immediately.  And while I was on the phone with Carrie (how does she know I am going to buy something that will be embarrassing for her to be seen with me) she tells me that those toning shoes don't work because, while they are different in the beginning, your muscles become used to them quickly and all benefits decrease over time.

So when the cowboy boots caught my attention, I was easily swayed. 

But when I put the size I needed on my feet, they looked HUGE.  So I put them back on the shelf in their gigantic box.  But now I had BOOTS in my mind.  So I tried on every pair of boots with heels below 1 inch.  (And believe you me, there were not that many.)

I ended up with a luscious black leather dream, with dangly things on the back.  My weakness is dangly things on anything.  My leather jacket looks like a Harley momma gone country.

Dutch is not afraid of being photographed with my boots, he is happy I am happy.  Here are the dangly things, which turned out to be a ribbon tied up in a bow, so unlike me, but dangly none-the-less.  Since it is difficult to take a picture of your own feets, I enlisted Frank's help.  He takes lousy pictures, but these are actually fairly OK.  I had to wait until the monster on the TV screen had burst into flames, chased the poor guy in the scrubs down the street into the waiting teeth of another monster who appeared to be choking on a peanut from the green room. 

I like my new boots.  I will wear them to the Cotton Bowl Party this evening.   A friend who has quilted in the past and now knits invited me and Frank to go with her and her husband.  I jumped at the offer!  Cotton meant Fabric. 

Two days later, Frank mentions to me that this is actually a football game.  I was totally disappointed.  I asked Carrie this afternoon, like, uh, who is playing in this Fabric Bowl thing.  She said LSU and somebody.   Since we live in Baton Rouge, this is considered to be pretty important.  The event is a catered party at a Parc 73  ( , so there will be wonderful food and drinks.  I think I can hang by the bar, with my new black boots with the dangly things on the back and attract some interest all by myself.  I might even meet another quilter there and can really talk FABRIC!



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  1. this was the best post! Shoes for a topic! I love shoes. I love to buy shoes. Heels! Sandals! Boots! sigh But now I have to be practical and wear comfy diabetic shoes. ugh I want to wear 4" heels in red with bows on the back. Black boot shoes that go just above the ankle and buckles. Serious shoe fetish person. Well, after fabric! I thought cotton bowl was a quilt shop hop!


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