Thursday, February 3, 2011

It is sooooooo cold.......

Let's face it.  In southern Louisiana we just don't get cold here.  On the rare occasion we want to see some snow, we head to Alaska or Utah.  But  those occasions are certainly rare.  Even more rare are snowfalls right here in Louisiana!  This was the sky last night: Red sky in morning, Sailors take warning, Red sky at night, Sailor's delight.  Hmmm.

This just might be the year we have Louisiana Snow!  We did have maybe half an inch last year.  I noted it because I had just buried the Fabulous Bonnie Doon in the corner of our yard where she loved to look out on the open field.  She was nosey like that. 

If it were any other dog, I would have been upset because of the cold.  We buried Pepsi and Max in blankets.  Bonnie Doon LOVED the cold.  She was as true to her nature as a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog as ever lived.  I considered it sort of a tribute to her passing when the world sprinkled her with some snow as she crossed that Rainbow Bridge.

This year it is just plain cold!  The thermometer outside my back door, under the patio where it is in an enclosed area reads 29 degrees at noon.  I am not sure it got up over the freezing mark at all today.  And they are predicting freezing rain to begin any moment. 

Frank, of course, is driving in from Pensacola MS about now.  I hope he makes it home.  He may not be able to get over some of the overpasses if they ice up.  We don't have ice and salt trucks here like y'all do!  And they are announcing closures west of us her already.
Oh well, stay warm and go make yourself a nice cup of hot tea!



  1. Cup of tea? Done! Snuggles under rag quilt? Done, with fireplace blazing and big warm dogs snoozing by my side. And soup for supper.

  2. Make mine with lemon please. The weather this winter has been really strange - we freeze one day and in the 60's the next then back to freezing. Staying inside where it is nice and warm.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. Our days are like Marie's-cold one day and warm the next! I hate to see my electric bill! Try to stay warm.


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