Sunday, February 6, 2011

Looking toward Springtime

I thought I would give you a nice look toward Spring since Phil the Groundhog predicted we would have an early spring this year.  In years past, mostly remember him predicting that we would have a late spring, so this is a good sign.  And for all my non-Louisiana friends who are suffering under blankets of snow and ice, it was a welcome thought, I am sure.

This piece I did about 4 years ago in a class from Quilt University.  I think the class was Flower Power.  It taught a new applique technique that made it so much easier to create small intricate curves and lines in a landscape/portrait piece.  I demonstrated the technique at several meetings but I don't think anyone has used it to create anything with, so it must have been of no use to them.  It really is easier, far easier than needleturn.  I hate that type of applique anyway.  This is fast and precise.

I have been looking through the book I purchased from Bonnie Hunter's class, Scraps and Shirttails, and there is nothing I really didn't know.  What I do like about the book, however, is her ideas on how to use the shirts I scavenge from family and friends and Goodwill.  I am ready to start tearing into that part of my stash. 

First I must do the UFO Challenge from Judy's Patchwork Times Challenge.  This month she chose the number 10 and that is the Virtual Quilting Bee Warm/Cold and my Christmas Scrappy.  Both need to be done and I will enjoy them when they are completed.

The Pumpkin Gals met to discuss the pumpkin quilt we plan to produce.  It is a Buggy Barn Slash and Burn quilt, as I call them.  The pumpkins are way too funny not to be turned into a quilt.  The border is candy corn!  We all fell in love with that!  And we plan on unveiling our 4 quilts at a guild meeting maybe in the summer time.  We have set a goal of getting them done before  Halloween and I think we can do this.  Of course we reall want to do the witches too.  They have the cutest feet that dangle off the quilt. 

Needless to say, I will be busy. and that is good. 

I am busy now cleaning the oven up from the overruns on the dessert I made for the Superbowl Party.  And the only reason I know it is the Superbowl, is that I was charged with dessert!

glen:  who might just rather to be quilting.


  1. honestly, I played with the color over the words for 1/2 hour and could not make it even with the background color. My other goal is to make the picture day.

  2. I bought Bonnie Hunters book and would love to make a shirtails quilt. However out here in rural France everyone wears their shirts until they are more holes than shirt and we don't have second hand , goodwill or charity shops. Even scouring the boot sales only results in a couple each season.
    Fortunately its a lovely book to just look at.

  3. What is your technique for applique? I love your quilt. It is beautiful. I have an applique project sitting on my shelf and would like to do it, but just can't seem to get to it. I want something easy and fast and looks great.


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