Friday, May 13, 2011

AMAZING! Mississippi River footage

This is a link to the news broadcast that I appeared on talking about the Amazing Mississippi River.  My amazing friend Caroline and I went to lunch and checked out the Amazing Mississippi River.  On top of the amazing levee, there were lots of people who had come to see the amazing water.  And there were amazing news reporters from just about every station down there interviewing the amazing people.  And of course, they chose to interview Caroline and I.  The interview was about 15 minutes and I had some really amazing facts and incredible information to dispense.  But you see what they chose to put on the news.  Later Caroline said that it was amazing that we were on TV because there were a lot of amazing looking "younger" women out there who may have been more camera worthy.

It was a good thing we went when we did because as the newscast aired the levee board stated they were closing the levee to pedestrian and bike people.  Signs and police everywhere threatened.  But like my amazing husband says, there is always a way around the rules.  So we took our money in hand and went to the casino!

You can see how much higher the water has gotten even since last week.  This is from the Casino parking.

This morning we parked in the casino parking lot, crossed the levee on the floating walkway to the casino boat you saw in the last post and sat down at some slot machines.  After about 20 minutes, our respective $20 is usually gone, but this Friday the 13th was lucky for us.  I left with $25 and Frank closed his machine out at $36 ahead.  So they paid us to look at the river from their boat.

We drove down the River Road toward LSU.  Word yesterday was that even if Morganza is opened LSU would receive some flooding.  Not good since the Vet School is the first building off the levee and in the basement they keep their infectious diseases.  Bad news I would suppose.  That is why there are no other basements in Louisiana, too much water pressure on the walls.  Do you see the leak in the Tiger Dam?  Scary?  LOL.  They are putting out these huge orangeTiger Dams along the top of the levees.  Just in the Baton Rouge area.  They have a pump on a golf cart thing and they fill the Tiger Dams with river water, drill holes in the levee walkway, lash the Tiger Dam down and pack sandbags around it to keep it from rolling.

 Driving down the levee, you could see the sand boils.  These are places where the river water is undercutting the levee and coming up on the dry side.  The Levee Board is monitoring all of these places.  And they have asked people to report new ones as they see them. 
They have appropriated prisoners from Dept. of Correctional Institutions (see the DCI emblazoned on the shirts of some of them?) to fill the sandbags at designated stations.  I guess it gives them useful busy work but they are right out there with not much supervision.  I am thinking they probably know NOT to run to the levee with all the policemen up there waiting to arrest citizens who might wander up there.  Just saying.
We drove further down the levee and I was able to go on top of it at a Diving place.  Their road is underwater and they are boating out to their office.  You can see in one of these pictures that the River Road is much lower than the level of the water.  And keep in mind that the Mississippi river is actually out beyond the Inland Diving office.


  1. Janet stole my 'line'. Now I know a celebrity - can I have your autograph?

    Hugs - Marie

  2. Mother Nature has been a wicked woman this Spring.


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