Monday, May 16, 2011

design wall monday 5-16-*11

My design wall is pretty boring.  I have completed three 9 x 12 pieces for AAQI that will be shipped off this week and for some reason I have been really busy with things other than quilting.  I am working on the Volume 4 of the 100 Blocks by Quiltmaker.  Since Volume 3 came out there is renewed frenzy!  But it is fun.  If you get volume 3, check out my name!  LOL.  I am famous!

And we have been river watching.  We live in Baton Rouge, LA along the Mississippi River.  Here is the river downtown.  You can see the river beyond the trees, but the water you see is on what is called the batture.  The men are on the top of the levee which is the bike path we often ride.

The oange thing is called a Tiger Dam and is filled with water, strapped down to the asphalt and supported by sand bags filled by the prisoners.  It is supposed to add about 18 inches to a levee top.
We shall see.

We went to the Bonnet Carre Spillway yesterday and the pictures do not do justice to the force of the water.  Incredible. 

 And this is one of the shelters in the campground inside the spillway.  No one lives here so don't worry about that.  And the fresh water clears out the old water in Lake Pontchartrain.  Shrimp and Crawfish harvests will be booming in the next three or four years!  Yeah!



  1. Oooh, I just bought Vol. 3. I'll check you out! Congrats!

  2. Your design wall is looking good - a little understated but shows your blocks well - I can't even find my design wall right now.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. OMG Glen - crazy waters! Its that time of year that takes us all out of our sewing rooms!

  4. It is still raining here up north in Ohio and so all that water has to go somewhere which is to the gulf. I don't think all the water problems are going to go away any time soon unfortunely. I feel for all the people that had to evacuate.

  5. It IS so DIFFICULT to adequetely impress how amazing and powerful rushing water is!!We've had a number of floods here and the pictures I take and never quite convey the intenseness of it all. I love your pictures and can feel the power of all that water!!! Be safe!

  6. I appreciate your insight on the river flooding. Very sad situation, but glad to know things in this area are not too bad. We have a friend, who is a widower, living on his own on Lake Pontchartrain, and we've been a bit worried about him. Glad to hear your perspective.


  7. What fun discovering so many new AAQI quilt makers and bloggers! As someone who donates quilts, herself, as well as a daily volunteer for AAQI, I so appreciate your joining in!

    Please do check all all of our 'For Sale' quilts page to get an idea of what other quilters are doing and consider buying a quilt, yourself.

    We are getting some wonderful responses from so many quilters but love having quilters buy quilts as well as make them as that is how we make money and fund research!

    Thanks so much Glen for joining this wonderful cause, I've enjoyed my visit to your blog and love your great sense of humor as well as your fun quilts.


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