Monday, May 2, 2011

Design wall monday 5-2-11 and dog studies

These are the two UFO Finishes Judy called for (she called number 9 for May).  I am not even finished with April yet!  Oh my!  So I guess these are on my design wall today.  The house is my house from a picture.  I took a class fron Quilt University with Betty Alofs and she walked us through step by step to create our hous quilts.  I love it but I am not sure how to quilt it.  I guess I will just delve right in!

And for those who might be skeptical about the health benefits that dogs provide, there is a ton of research out there.  From NIH,

If you google "health benefits of dogs" or even cats, you can get a lot of info on the scientific studies. 

I know a lot of people who have animals for companionship who would be alone without them.  The animals give them a reason for getting up each morning, and no matter what study you find, there is no benefit greater than love.



  1. I am not doing the UFO challenge since I know my own limitations LOL! Both of yours look great.

  2. Glen, I couldn't agree more about the benefits of dogs...I wouldn't have anyone to talk to most of the day without them!

  3. Glen - you have more stick to it-ness than I do. My UFO's are still UFO's and will probably always be UFO's (unless of course you want them - in which case they will become Glen's UFO's).

    Hugs - Marie

    I don't know how anyone could doubt the benefit of pets.

  4. Love your house picture quilt. Great job, Glen - a good testimonial for that Quilt University class.

  5. I completely agree about the benefits of having dogs and cats (and birds). I wake up with a smile every morning cuz I am greeted with Abby's positive attitude. And our house is filled with communication from everyone, even the dog who is now telling me it is time to go out.


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