Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cooking class at BD Kitchens

Ann and I had an interesting cooking class at BD tonight.  It was a mahi with mango salsa and a Mediterranean salad and a frangipani crème mousse dessert.
All but the fish was good!  But you know I don’t like fish.  I went for other reasons.  Reasons that will become apparent at some point.
here are the pictures from the class:
The chef instructor cut up the salad and made a really nice Mediterranean salad with a light dressing of salad vinegar, garlic and olive oil.  He put dried mint in the salad that is grown in the garden behind the restaurant. 
med saladdaniel tommy cutting  DSC04235
Get it yet?
Then he made the Mahi with Mango Salsa with red pepper and some green onion.  The mango was not ripe so it was not a sweet as it could have been.  But passable.
mahi mango slasa tommy cutting daniel cook
Get it yet?

Of course I don’t like fish so I am not really a good judge of whether it was good or not.  But I am leaning toward not so good because of the problem with the mango not being ripe.  The presentation on the plate was lacking because it was a large plate and a small piece of fish.  I would have plated TWO pieces of fish there.  But…….just saying.
The dessert, how could anyone mess up this dessert!  It was a good thing all around.  And easy to do.  Vanilla pudding, heavy whipping cream and frangipani liquor.  It was the prettiest thing all night.  No matter what angle you look at it, it still looks good!
good group dessert daniel piping mousse dessert side strawberrydessert from top 
So, you say, if I don’t like fish, why would I have taken this class?

This is the boyfriend from hell.  And when I walked in he knew I was there!  He told Wanda he knew me and he was pretty sure I didn’t like him.  I think he is right.  Although, I am glad he has found something he can be successful doing, I sincerely hope he has learned other lessons as well.
It was the best $50 I have spent in a long while! 

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