Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On my way to “The Most Fabric Ever” contest


And I think I just may win! 

Didja see my leavAlexis Ortegaes?  These beauties arrived today from Alexis and Sara.  What wonderful things  they are.  Thanks for the extrSaraHomeyeras too!  I am nearing the ability to put them together.  Do I need to get the stuff off my design wall by finishing it, or can I just take it down and call it a UFO again.  Those poor stripes started out as a UFO.  Sigh……….


I innocently opened my email the other day, not intending to purchase anything.  Not a thing.  And baby farmConnecting Threads was announcing their 4th of July Sale-A-Bration.  They were actually selling fabrics fflowers blue greenor $2.28 and $3.00!  Oh, man.  I was determined not to purchase anything, I really didn’t need any more  fabric.  I closed the window and put it to bed.  

But I couldn’t sleep.  And I kept thinking about those houses.  And those flowers.  And those baby cows.  Oh, man!  I blue houses and greenhad to get up and just look at them.  Well, you know where that led to. dots and flowers

After I had chosen so carefully as to maximize the benefit, I pushed PURCHASE.  And the Cart told me that I had $42.08 in fabrics and if I bought just $7.93 more they houses blue yellowwould reward me with FREE SHIPPING!  Who could pass THAT up?  No you, I’ll wager. 

So back I went into the fabrics.  And I found three read like solids, which is what I am into these days.  And I bought a yard of each and that topped my Cart off over the $50.  Yeah, baby!  Free Shipping!

To make things worse (or actually BETTER) I stopped in at my beloved Purple Cow Resale shop on my way from bringing the Grand-Dog Hugeaux home.  He is afraid of fireworks and his mean parents were going to shoot them off at the house.  I digress.

bluejeans stack I stopped at Purple Cow.  There I found BLUE JEANS on the 99 cent rack!  All of a sudden I needed a blue jean quilt.  And of course I can’t cut up any of the one’s I have, you never know when 30 pounds will just drop off of me and I will fit into them again.  I had to purchase extras.  I got 7 pairs of the cheapest jeans in the history of mankind.  big blue dress

While there, on the other end of the 99 cent rack was this beauty.  A size 34.  Lovely blue 100% cotton dress.  What you see on it is my 24 inch ruler!  Isn’t that a hoot?  Yeah, baby.  A total hoot.

So while I didn’t get much else accomplished at the CPA today, I got a lot more fabric.  And any day that you end up with more fabric than you started with is a damned good day!

glen:  Oh and if you are keeping track of what DiNozzo ate today, he had the tomato that was left over from yesterday that Valerie brought for the salad AND a kleenex box from my bedside table AND yellow marks-a-lot that has been on my desk for ages.

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  1. Love the fabric you bought. I know what you mean about trying not to buy anymore fabric. I saw what they had at connection threads and I so wanted to go nuts - but I didn't. Now I just received a catalogue and their Essentials thread is 30% off until August 15. Darn! I may have to buy some. P.S. the turkey meatballs are yummy!


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