Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Outhouse blocks

You may remember when Judy L was first starting her UFO Numbers and she called   and I couldn't find my blocks?  Do you remember?  Well, it was like the second month and Judy called the Outhouse Blocks number. 

And tragedy struck.  I spent the entire month looking for those darned blocks! 

I had won these blocks in a CyberFriends Guild Swap.  I guess only 5 of us entered because I made two of them.  I thought it was a lot of fun to do outhouses.  One of mine is that tree.  Too funny.  The cows are watching you!  The top right has a door that opens!  Really funny. 

Well, tonight I found them.  Just in time to be included in the Retreat Getaway!  Yay!  I was hemming and hawing about them because I had no idea how to set them.  But here I will have a lot of really fine people who will have all kinds of ideas of how they should go together!  LOL. 

Now I really have too much stuff to do there.  What am I thinking? 



  1. Love the outhouse blocks! I can't wait to see what you finish at the retreat and decide to put in the quilt show.

  2. I think I'm worried about you - outhouse blocks???

    What a fun retreat you are going to have. Don't forget to have fun and relax (as if you would).

    Hugs - Marie


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