Sunday, July 24, 2011

Waiting, the Louisiana Blue Dog, the Farmer's Market and Lorenzo

Waiting for the morning to bring Dutch in for his bone biopsy.  It is a mostly calm day, rainy but without the terror and fear of the original diagnosis of just plain bone cancer.  the hope is that the biopsy comes back with the fungal osteomyelitis diagnosis instead.  That is the best outcome for us here.  So we are waiting.
 This is Valerie's house by the way, the french drains were overwhelmed with the 3.75 inches that fell in about an hour.
And friend and fellow blogger from Geema's Wonderings spent Saturday night at the ER Vet Clinic at LSU with her Lorenzo.  The little guy stood his own against three bigger dogs.  He has some broken ribs and they are waiting to stabilize him for surgery on Monday.  He is a tough little guy and seems determined to go home.  He says he has some different plans for those dogs this next time!  Here's sending healing thoughts to him and steady hands to the surgeons tomorrow.  And I know Charlene and hubby want him home as soon as they can get him there!

I distracted myself with the Farmer's Market yesterday.  got some okra

And some corn  and some peaches

and some figs

and some honey

Then I went to the Louisiana Cajun Blue Dog Show at the Shaw Center yesterday.  George Rodrigues' Louisiana Blue Dog is his trademark work that has been shown all over the world.  The Blue Dog is a Loup Garou, which is a Cajun Werewolf.  The Loup Garou my grandmother scared us with was not nearly as cute as this guy!
Rodrigue did ad campaigns for Xerox.  And has painted many famous people's portraits, mostly related to Louisiana and the Cajuns.  But he did Ronald Reagan as well.  Very talented man. 
Here is a Journal Cover.  You can see his studio and more of his art at
Don't you just love his stuff.  And that Blue Dog is a killer! 

My little salt and pepper dogs are jealous!


  1. Dutch will get the right diagnosis and all will be right in this crazy mixed up world. We left BR during that rainstorm. It was so bad that I could not see my hood as I traveled over the bridge. We stopped and took another route b/c rain was on I10. Scary driving. Back to BR tomorrow.

  2. Oh, Ama went scope out those dogs. They took one look and ran get reinforcements. But by then we were coming with the switch and the neighbor was running towards the field.


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