Friday, August 12, 2011


Hair is learning to be in a different routine.  But it looks good already.  It will take a few cuttings to get it even again.  Don't read into the last post that there was ever any argument with my wonderful Senora Celia.  She is an accomplished stylist.

For our anniversary today, we have reservations at Tsunami overlooking the Mississippi River.  It is a rooftop restaurant in the Shaw Center downtown  About 7 stories up.  This is the old water tower from the top and from ground level.
 Tsunami is a sushi place and neither of us eat sushi.  So we had chicken teriyaki and pork loin something or other.  But we went for the view.  The best part of the meal was the molten lava chocolate cake with cold ice cream and fruits of the luscious variety!

Then I spent some time playing with the fountains and seeing what the water looked like in the camera lens. 

Frank is on the other side of the water wall, if you can see him.  If not, here he is:

Happy 39th Anniversary!

Are you looking for 39 more?


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