Sunday, August 21, 2011

Design Wall Monday 8-21-11

This will be a very busy week, this will be busy.  But the only thing I have right now to show is some bug jar blocks.  I am doing the tutorial for this block on another blog.  I will post it here as well, so you can stop by on Wednesday and see how it is made.

7 bothThey are cute, I love bug jars.  There are so many variations of the jars that you can make a whole quilt, put them into a “bookcase” and they will look fabulous!

I have been wanting to do a bug jar quilt for a long time.  This just might be the start of one.  And I may get Ann working on some bug jars for some of the grandkids she has.  Wouldn’t that be cool.

My local quilters group might just enjoy a bug jar or two after we finish the Halloween Pumpkin quilt!



  1. It takes a bit of time to do a tutorial, doesn't it? Your jars are cute and I like that you use several fabrics for the insides.

  2. These are so cute. I will have to make some, too.

  3. I never thought of combining fabrics into one JAR. Good thinking!

  4. Glen, everyone loves a bug jar quilt! I tried a variation with fruits inside and gifted it to my Dad. He is the jelly, preservers, and jam maker of my parents. I put the fruit jars in a cupboard for safe keeping. If you wish check out the cute quilt at Have fun and I'll be checking back on Wednesday. Sandi

  5. I have always like bug jar quilts, but never made one. I can't wait to see yours take shape.

  6. I like the scrappy bug jars. What a good idea.


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