Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Frank has been searching high and low for the Atari Games package for the Wii.  He saw it somewhere and failed to purchase it.  Then he couldnt' find it anywhere after that.

So I finally found it for him at Wal-Mart of all places.  But now we own the Atari Arcade Games.  And I spent the afternoon creaming his butt!

I figure out the games faster than he does and I beat him.  Then when he finally "gets" it, he practices day and night until he beats me.  So I generally just enjoy the initial play with him.  Today I beat him then made won ton soup.

I made the Won Ton from the left over veggies I scoffed from Ann's Pampered Chef party.  These are the won tons we made about 2 months ago and froze.  So they will be dropped into the boiling soy sauce and chicken broth and veggies and made moist and delicious!

Yesterday we cleaned up the patio area and he did a lot of work on the back yard.  Now everything is in ship shape.  Here is the before and after of my patio.

And my favorite, the caladiums.


  1. Wow, nice trim job on the shrubs and the caladiums are gorgeous! So which Arcade Games are you butt whipping Frank at?

  2. Beautiful job. Tell Frank that we have lots to do here.


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