Thursday, September 1, 2011

Captain Nemo

I will never forget when my mom brought him to me, a tiny yellow pup shivering in a box.  She found him drifting in the water of Lake Pontchartrain outside of Laplace.  It was incredible to find a young puppy coming from the lake.  She brought him to me in Baton Rouge because there was something strange about him. 

After having him for a day, we realized that he couldn't see.  He was perfect in all other ways, and a very happy playful puppy.  Like a normal lab would be.  But he would get himself stuck in a corner and not know how to get out. 

We took him to my vet for a thorough exam.  The vet said his eyes were filled with blood from broken tiny vessels.  Most likely from a long fall contacting with a surface.  We surmised someone had tossed him and probably his littermates off the bridge over the lake.  It would make sense.

My cousin Jason was looking for a dog.  We talked about the eyes, and he felt he would be able to make a good life for Nemo.  We agreed that Nemo, a nautical name would suit him well.  And a good life he gave him.

Nemo's eyes cleared and he was able to see as well as any dog could see.  He was perfect once again.

Nemo raised Jason's two boys.  He was the willing accomplice in many games.  The family moved from Baton Rouge to Albuquerque, back again, then back to Albuquerque.  They finally settled in Denver.

I got this picture today.  It was simple, and I understood the tears behind it.  In fact mine are falling as I type.  I am as heartbroken as I know Jason's family is.

Nemo lived far beyond what he was supposed to live, 16 years in fact, and I knew he was meant to do really great things. Because he survived the attempt to drown him in Lake Pontchartrain, we knew he was of pure fighting spirit.

Dutch has been diagnosed with bone cancer and has been given about 3 months. Up till this morning his pain was being controlled well. Today is a slightly worse day. When the pills no longer cover the pain, I too, will let him go gently.

These dogs, they deserve no less than our complete love. Nemo fought for life and gave more than we ever dreamed.

He was a great dog, thank you Jason for loving him so much.  And for letting him go when he needed it.

My heart is with you, Stacey, Ethan and Lucas.  I know how much it hurts. 



  1. Oh dear. My heart goes out to you all! Dogs are one of the most special gifts we receive. Where would we be without them. it is hard to let them go when the time comes but you have to return that devotion and do the right thing by them - but oh man it hurts! A big hug for you and a good scratch for Dutch!

  2. They become our family and are always in our hearts. They give unconditional love and have more courage than we humans can conceive. Hug Dutch for me.

  3. It's always sad when a dog goes to the Rainbow Bridge. My heart goes out to your cousin and his family. And hopefully Dutch is just feeling a little worse because of the changing weather.


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